Goodbye 2013!

What an eventful end to 2013. Found out earlier that my 8th uncle fractured his foot last night & is warded in Mt Elizabeth. This is in addition to an aunt who suffered a stoke 3 weeks ago, a cousin who just recovered from dengue fever & same cousin’s dad who was suspected of having cancer (latest news is that it may be something else). Gosh! I would say I can’t wait for 2013 to end except all these problems won’t end just cos the year is over.

Sigh… just like a major screw-up that happened at work today – just gotta deal with it/them.

Here’s to a less eventful 2014.




Looks like it’s going to be a busy last 2 days of 2013. Expecting to close a policy on Mon & another on Tue.

The Tue deal unfortunately hasn’t gone as well as planned – may have to execute a “Plan B” & I was wondering why almost all my deals always run into problems. Then it occurred to me that if everything were so straightforward, clients wouldn’t need brokers to structure & close deals for them. Sigh.

Christmas 2013

My extended family always comes together a for Christmas gathering (usually lunch) though majority of the family are not believers. I can’t remember when it started but this has been the tradition for the last 10-11 years.

I’ve never given our Christmas get-togethers much thought till this year when my 8th aunt suffered a stroke & we applied for “leave” from the hospital so that she could join us too.

Unfortunately, my 4th uncle didn’t join us as he isn’t well – suspected prostate cancer. This is the 3rd negative health news the family has heard about in recent weeks as my cousin (my 4th uncle’s daughter) nearly had to be hospitalised for dengue fever 2 weeks ago.

It’s been a long time since so many unfortunate things have befallen my family – 11 years. In 2002, my maternal grandparents, uncle & my paternal grandmother passed away. Since then, my extended family have been blessed with good health & happy events. I hate to think of it this way but it’s coming 12 years & it may just be the start of a sad time; that another cycle of illness & even death may be approaching.

I didn’t take many photos today – only 2 random shots of 1) my 8th aunt doing a video call with my 6th aunt in Melbourne & 2) my mom & aunts having an enthusiastic discussion over which concert DVD is the best. Maybe I should start taking more photos at the next gathering.



The words of this really old Christian song comes to mind.

The things that I love
And hold dear to my heart
Are just borrowed
They’re not mine at all
Jesus only let me use them
To brighten my life
So remind me
Remind me dear Lord


Way way way too much work has fallen on my plate. I know we’re extremely short-handed but the accounts distribution really isn’t very even. Too annoyed to really care anymore. Am just waiting for a complaint to come in from a client – any client – about tardy response time & poor service. Maybe then my boss will take me seriously when I say I have a lot of work to do.

Battery Life

Unplugged my Galaxy Note 3 from the charger at about 8am this morning. As with any new phone, I subjected it to quite heavy usage throughout today.

I played Pet Saga, checked multiple social media platforms, used  Gtalk (or more commonly known as Hangouts now), Whatsapp-ed, FB messenger, took a few calls & so on & amazingly, my hp didn’t reach the 15% low battery warning till past 12:3O am.

It feels really good to finally have a smart phone where I can use it as it’s meant as to be used & not worry about the battery dying on me.

One thing that really bugged me about the S4 was how I had to always be so conscious / careful about its use as the battery kept dying on me before I got home.

The Note 3 has made me realise that no matter how feature packed a hp is, it’s nonetheless useless if the battery life sucks.

Using the Note 3 reminds me of the good old days of my Nokia hp when a single charge could last the entire day.

The S-Pen is also such a joy to use. I think I’m a true covert to being a fan of the Galaxy Note series.

Definitely no regrets despite the hefty price tag.

Next thing I got to do is to side load my Amazon Kindle app so that I can re-download the book my cell group is doing for bible study.

Hope my mom makes good use of my S4. The experience wasn’t too bad while it lasted. Heh!

Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

Hello from the Galaxy Note 3! Was hooked after watching videos of the S-Pen in action. Went to SingTel today & found out that one of my mobile lines was eligible for an upgrade so I decided to “take the plunge” after playing with the phone for about 15mins at the shop.

I really need to get a screen protector quickly. Am rather hooked to using the S-Pen to write long texts (like this one) so I’m wary of scratching the screen.

Anyway, its really late so I need to end this post & go shower. Will definitely be posting more! This is just so cool. Haha!

As for the s4, my mom will be using it going forward. Just need to find some time to cut her normal sized sim card into a micro-sim.

Have a good & fruitful rest of the week everyone!



Been a dramatic week. A single aunt who lives alone suffered a stroke while alone at home and how she was found was nothing short of a miracle. Story really starts last week when she told my cousin, B, that she wanted to buy a smartphone so that she can monitor her shares. She used to check teletext till it closed down.

After B came back from a cruise with his family on Sun night, he called this aunt on Mon afternoon to see if she wanted to go buy a hp. He didn’t manage to reach her on her house line nor her mobile but didn’t think much about it. He called a few more times during the day but didn’t get worried till she still was not contactable about 11pm that night. B then whatsapp-ed some of my cousins and me and none of us had spoken to that aunt that day. B thus decided to go to our aunt’s flat with his brother and dad to check on our aunt.

When they reached her flat, they heard the TV sound but the lights weren’t on. Realising something was amissed, they called emergency services and SCDF and an ambulance soon arrived. It took SCDF more than 30 minutes to saw the padlock, pry open the locks of the metal grille and wooden door and kick open the door (it was dead bolted and they couldn’t reach the bolt on the inside). My aunt was found lying on the floor, conscious but unable to speak nor move. Her lunch and coffee was still on the table so our guess is that she suffered the stroke during early afternoon.

My aunt is still warded at CGH but she can now take a few steps assisted. Still can’t talk and has to be tube fed but the progress has been good so far. When i think about the whole chain of events that happened, i see God’s hand in it. I’m thankful for the miracle.