Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

Hello from the Galaxy Note 3! Was hooked after watching videos of the S-Pen in action. Went to SingTel today & found out that one of my mobile lines was eligible for an upgrade so I decided to “take the plunge” after playing with the phone for about 15mins at the shop.

I really need to get a screen protector quickly. Am rather hooked to using the S-Pen to write long texts (like this one) so I’m wary of scratching the screen.

Anyway, its really late so I need to end this post & go shower. Will definitely be posting more! This is just so cool. Haha!

As for the s4, my mom will be using it going forward. Just need to find some time to cut her normal sized sim card into a micro-sim.

Have a good & fruitful rest of the week everyone!


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