Dyeing Hair

Tried one of those DIY hair colours at home today. It turned out well, thankfully. LOL.

Ideally, l would’ve like to go to the salon to colour my hair before CNY but there weren’t any more available appointment slots left at the salon I usually patronise hence I decided to try 1 of those DIY hair colours.

Asked around on Facebook & was recommended either Liese Bubble or L’ Oreal. Went with the former as the NTUC near my place was only selling Liese.

I was attracted by the ash brown colour but chose at dark, chestnut brown instead.

The entire process was simple enough – mix the colourant into the mixer, apply foam throughout hair, wait 20-30min & voila!

So far so good. The colour turned out darker than I thought but it covered the grown out hair since my last colouring in Oct.

Only upsetting thing is that the curls on the right side of my head seem to be disappearing. 🙁

Smash Cakes

So I learnt yesterday that there’s thing called “smash cakes”. Basically, it’s a small birthday cake that parents buy on the side so that their young children can smash & have fun during their birthday celebration while the actual cake is served to guests.

Some websites tout this as a fun way for young children to get involved in their own birthday celebration. I am however rather disturbed by it.

Call me old fashion but since I was a kid, my parents & elders have always emphasized the importance of not wasting food. They would remind me how scarce food was during the war & how lucky I am to have abundance of food when many children in 3rd world countries die of malnutrition.

Although I can’t claim to always finish my food & I am guilty of over ordering at times, the thought of ordering a cake with the sole intention of it being smashed – no matter how small it is – is troubling.

It’s not so much about the cost but the thought that we have enjoyed peace & prosperity for so long (if you consider a couple of decades long) that we have taken a basic need, i.e. food, for granted.

Will our children grow up in the belief that their enjoyment & fun takes precedence over everything else? Is this a slippery slope to a generation that is self-serving & hold a misguided sense of entitlement?

It’s a worrying food for thought. Literally.

One Body

Saw someone who got released from prison recently serve by being a Lord’s Supper steward today. I think it takes a certain amount of courage to serve after what has happened. For me, it was also a reminder that as we take communion together, we are all part of one body and God’s forgiveness and promises are given to all who believe in Him.

Starting the Year Right

Praise the Lord!

My 8th uncle has been discharged from hospital & is resting at home.

It has been confirmed that my 4th uncle’s prostate gland issues are caused by an adverse reaction to some medication he’s taking. It’s not cancer.

My 8th aunt seems to be recovering very well. Observed her walking around today & her gait seems to be as before she had the stoke. She still can’t really talk & has verbal apraxia but I’m sure this will improve with continued speech therapy.

So this is to remind myself to always give thanks to the Lord.

Drama Drama

Found out from my mom the details of my 8th uncle’s mishap. He was moving his display cabinet last night when it fell on his foot. Shockingly, although his foot was bloodied & there was a loud crash, the glass display cabinet didn’t crack/break/shatter.

My guess is that adrenaline kicked in because my uncle didn’t feel that much pain & drove himself to Changi General Hospital (CGH). The doc said he needed surgery immediately for his crushed toes but they had no available bed.

Anyway, my uncle opted to go to a private hospital so he was taken by ambulance to Mt E.

As no one else in his immediate family drives, my aunt had to call another cousin to go to CGH to get the car.

The surgery went well though my uncle’s being kept in hospital for observation till Thurs.

Hope the recovery process goes smoothly!