Drama Drama

Found out from my mom the details of my 8th uncle’s mishap. He was moving his display cabinet last night when it fell on his foot. Shockingly, although his foot was bloodied & there was a loud crash, the glass display cabinet didn’t crack/break/shatter.

My guess is that adrenaline kicked in because my uncle didn’t feel that much pain & drove himself to Changi General Hospital (CGH). The doc said he needed surgery immediately for his crushed toes but they had no available bed.

Anyway, my uncle opted to go to a private hospital so he was taken by ambulance to Mt E.

As no one else in his immediate family drives, my aunt had to call another cousin to go to CGH to get the car.

The surgery went well though my uncle’s being kept in hospital for observation till Thurs.

Hope the recovery process goes smoothly!

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