Dyeing Hair

Tried one of those DIY hair colours at home today. It turned out well, thankfully. LOL.

Ideally, l would’ve like to go to the salon to colour my hair before CNY but there weren’t any more available appointment slots left at the salon I usually patronise hence I decided to try 1 of those DIY hair colours.

Asked around on Facebook & was recommended either Liese Bubble or L’ Oreal. Went with the former as the NTUC near my place was only selling Liese.

I was attracted by the ash brown colour but chose at dark, chestnut brown instead.

The entire process was simple enough – mix the colourant into the mixer, apply foam throughout hair, wait 20-30min & voila!

So far so good. The colour turned out darker than I thought but it covered the grown out hair since my last colouring in Oct.

Only upsetting thing is that the curls on the right side of my head seem to be disappearing. 🙁

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