GCE ‘A’ Levels

So… the A-Level results will be out tomorrow. Heh. Such a distant memory.

I remember the day I was to collect my A-Level results. I was kind of apprehensive so a friend & I decided not to arrive too early at TJC. We went to catch a movie (can’t remember which movie though) & were probably amongst the last few to collect. I remember my Comp Sci teacher, who was my supervisor for my project, was searching high & low for me. Thankfully, it was good news he had to deliver. And he was excited because I don’t think he expected me to do well for Computing. Hahaha. My other results were also decent enough & given that I’m not the most hardworking student, it was really by the grace of God that everything went well.

Of course, after so many years have passed, I’m now able to see the big picture, how He guided me to NTU, specialise in Insurance and now do a job I love.

So to all who’re collecting their results, all the best and trust that everything is within God’s hand.