Happy 35th Birthday to Myself!

My 35th birthday has come & gone in a flash. A couple of months back, I was kind of hung up over it – 35 years old – that’s like the age that tells what the rest of your life will be. Your career path’s probably fixed, are you the family type, etc. Even the government has set 35 as the age singles can buy a HDB flat!

I was on leave today. Pampered myself by getting an eyeliner embroidery (done by Lydia from Browhaus at Raffles City basement. Very good! Hardly any pain), shopping & getting a massage. Feeling quite accomplished as I bought 1 pair of Geox Working shoes, 2 dresses (and got a top free).

All that physical activity was followed by a scrumptious dinner at Ola Cocina at MBFC Tower 3. And dessert was an Awfully Chocolate chocolate cake (duh) that my mom bought, paired with prosecco wine.

Here’re some shots of the yummy dinner!

Deep fried prawn head tapas (on the house!)
Tomato gazpacho. Very refreshing and appetizing!
Grilled octopus tapas (recommended by our waiter - supper yummy)
White & green asparagus. Flavourful but nothing to shout about)
Squid ink pasta paella with...Squid. Haha. Good!

It as a wonderful day!

Chuck’s Workshop (11 May 2014)

Things to remember:

1. When anchoring:
– Try to post at 4.
– Take 5 and 5& to be anchored.
– 6 should step down directly → don’t wait till 6 to anchor!

2. Underarm pass:
– Step 3 → body should be parallel to slot, right foot turned slightly out.
– Step 4 → should be slightly diagonal so you don’t trip over your own feet when dragging left foot in on 5.

3. Walking back:
– Place foot then roll down.

4. Focus on 1, 2, 4, 6. The triples in-between should just be about landing the feet under the body.

Disgusting Behaviour

Received a letter from my previous company saying that i breached MAS regulations for a policy placed in 2010 and renewed in 2011 and thus they reported me to MAS. What the fark man, seriously! The misconduct, they claimed, was that i acted as a reinsurance broker when the company’s licence was only for direct insurance broker services.

I’m astounded how i could be considered a reinsurance broker when i don’t know / liaise / deal with the cedant nor the original insured. Fact of the matter is that my then Thai office approached the Singapore office for help as they were not familiar with Political Risk Insurance and thus i helped by providing consultancy / technical advice to them in discussion with underwriters. My previous company used to trumpet being “united” amongst all the offices. Well, that’s unity for you. When there’s money to be earned, they’ll earn it. Any issues, instead of clarifying with me what happened, i’m just made scapegoat. Totally disgusting behaviour.

Am now in the midst of discussing with my current company if i should raise this as an issue and clarify matters with MAS as this may affect me as a broker.

I’m just so pissed off and annoyed at how underhand the whole issue has been handled. Pui!


Poor Pinky’s not well. The old boy has cataracts developing in both eyes. Brought him to the vet who prescribed medicine to slow down the cataracts but it’s not really possible to remove them (surgery would be too risky for an old bunny like him).

Pinky has also developed snuffles (a rabbit cold). I hope it’s just URTI and will heal quickly. Otherwise, it’ll be another trip to the vet in the next few days and these trips are always traumatising for Pinky.

Please pray with me that Pinky will recover soon. The Lord has blessed and taken Pinky safely through many health scares before and I pray that He’ll sustain the old boy again.