Perpetual Peeves

People who don’t do things wholeheartedly irritate me. To me, if I choose to do something, I’ll go all out to do it. If I’m not convicted to do something, I won’t proceed at all. And this applies to everything – not just at work but also on Sundays when I’m on duty for service. Then I thought to myself… maybe I’m being too task oriented and there are people who are passive / not proactive by nature hence they always appear to be neither in nor out.

Then there’s the issue of what to wear to church. Are shorts acceptable? My struggle is, since God is with and sees us all the time, if wearing shorts is acceptable outside church, then why not in church? That said, I still think it’s too casual. On one hand, one could say if one would dress to a certain level of formality for work, then one should do the same going to church. However, God looks at the heart so is this a man imposed norm formed out of vanity? I’m undecided.


My colleagues sometimes ask why do I always go for dance lessons. Last week my boss specifically asked why is there a need to dance every week if I’m not preparing for any competitions?

I couldn’t verbalise it on the spot but having considered the question, I think my answer would be that dancing is a learned reaction. Because different guys will lead differently, because songs have different breaks and feel, because different partnerships will result in different patterns and moves, the only way to widen one’s dance horizon / dance arsenal is to dance more.

In addition, we all have different bad habits to change and the only way to break a bad habit is to reinforce the correct or good habit. And reinforcement means lots and lots of repetition. As
I’ve always said, practice makes permanent. Hence, one needs to repeat classes to pick up the correct technique. And in order to internalise what was learnt, repetition is needed.

Coming back from the US, I was curious what has changed in my dancing and I found out today that the main difference was that my upper and lower body was well engaged. Sadly, it seems that I’m starting to revert to my pre-US level and I’ve been “leaving my legs behind”, especially when I’m tired.

I think I need to learn how to self-diagnose my various dancing problems on a daily basis. For starters, this is a note to self not to leave my legs behind when I’m tired.

On a brighter note, I’m starting to get the hand of doing skaters! Yippee! Very grateful to EW for teaching me and to Kono for practising with me for 15-20 min last night! Managed to do 6 turns within a dance tonight and it was great!