Opportunity Cost

The older i get, the more the term “opportunity cost” hits home. I’m acutely aware that for every choice i make, i lose something at the same time. For e.g., everytime i choose to go dancing instead of visiting Pinky, i lose a couple of hours i could be with him, and i’m fully aware that being a very old bunny, he may pass on anytime. And so every decision i make is shaped by the consideration of what can i less afford to lose.

The same extends to my interactions with people. I’ve come to conclude that rather than being friends with a large number of people, i’ll rather be good friends with a few. I place much higher value on how meaningful a friendship is than how many people i can profess to be “friends” with. This has resulted in me cleaning up and “unfriending” people regularly on Facebook because i do not want their updates to crowd out the updates of those i cherish more on my timeline. I also think these people do not need to know about what’s going on in my life.

I think i may offend some people this way but my capacity to care is limited.