Divergent / Insurgent

Watched Insurgent tonight. The factions remind me of of this management course I took before on conflict resolution. 

Dauntless = Competing

Abegation = Accommodating

Candour = Compromising

Erudite = Collabrating

Amity = Avoiding

Ok, maybe one might swop around Accommodating and Compromising but that’s not the point. The point is that no one faction / style is ideal on its own and one must possess all traits. Yup. Like a Divergent. 

That then made me wonder how should one view the Factionless? I guess you could say they are the total opposites of Divergents because they can’t be placed in any single faction not because they have all the traits, but because they have none.

I suppose these are the people who are fearless only when they need to save their own skin, accommodating when they have a secret agenda, avoiding issues when it doesn’t gain them anything, smart only for dishonest gains and collaborate only if they can exact something from you. 

Another case of reel life mimicking reall life, no?

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