Tobias and Tris


We adopted 2 bunnies last week. Tobias was rescued from s breeder and came home with us on 17 Jun 2015. Tris was found abandoned near a dog shelter and came home with us on 18 Jun. Both bunnies spent the weekend at Little Bobtail Resort as we were at church camp.

Mon, 22 Jun, was the first day the bunnies truly came home with us. T & T seem to be in a love/ hate relationship. They were living peacefully most of Mon night and Tue but suddenly fought twice late into Tue night.

Today, things seemed to have improved as I saw both bunnies taking turns to groom each other. However, we are not sure what triggered it but they got into a scuffle close to midnight.

We had to put them both into the carrier as a punishment and it sort of worked though Tris was a lot more scared than Tobias.

It’s just after 3am now and the bunnies have made up. Saw mutual grooming again. I suspect Tobias is somebun who needs a lot of space so I removed this lotus grass slipper house from their playpen and I saw Tobias binky for the first time. What a delightful sight!

I’m going to bed now. Certainly hope their relationship will stabilise!

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