Ignorance Knows No Bounds

I had a very disturbing conversation with a young colleague this evening…

Colleague: OMG! I was going to vote for the PAP but looks like I’m going to have to change my vote! I just read this HUGE EXPOSÉ online! DID YOU KNOW that Lee Hsien Loong is the Chairman of GIC? And our Deputy PMs, Tharman and Teo Chee Hean are also on the board? 

Me: *Stunned* What’s the big deal? It’s on the GIC website what.

Colleague: Even then! That’s terrible! There should be separation of State and this kind of GLC! 

Me: *Lagi stunned* Do you know what the GIC does? It invests our foreign reserves leh! If Singapore’s PM doesn’t head it… Then who u want to head it?

The conversation died after that. 


Competition is part and parcel of a broker’s life. As the class of insurance I do is largely non-renewable, it has been ingrained in me that I am only as good as my last deal.

I recently had the opportunity to submit our value proposition and meet up with prospects to explain why they should switch brokers and use us instead of their incumbent brokers. The conclusion I got is that my company’s credentials, my background and all the marketing spiel in the world doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, what clients want to know is how you’re going to solve their problems.

And this is something I often tell my younger colleagues too – it’s no point highlighting problems to a client if you don’t produce a solution for it.

While showering tonight, I came to the conclusion that this is my expectations of the political candidates clamouring for my vote. I already know what the problems are. So please give me some practical and credible solutions. Don’t tell me things like you want to be voted in as a “check and balance” on the incumbent – I have never seen a deal won this way, and a general election isn’t all that different from a RFP.