Private with Larisa Tingle (22 Apr 2016)

• Basics as a follower:

1. Good posture.

2. Take a deep breath and breathe out. Think of 4 tracks – left arm, left leg, right arm, right leg. 

3. Pitch – shoulders over front of heel, tits over toes.

4. The above constitutes our frame which should be maintained at all times.

5. Rope will be shorter – need to take a smaller 4.

• Shorter rope = more styling options. Play with angles and shape but always remember to maintain basic footwork – walk walk, triple step. Do not reset!

• Settling – always take either the back or a side away from the lead. Same whether in close hold or open position.

• Head should look for the lead. Focus on chin and chest so as to be aware of the angle he’s giving. 

• Grip – use first knuckle instead of second to avoid fingers slipping, which results in pockets of no connection. 

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