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Jurassic Park

When I was working at the phone-in helpdesk of a local ISP, I used to say I would one day publish a book titled "101 Stupid Users".  That could be module 101 for stupid users, or a compilation of 101 stories on stupid users… of which after they read the book, they wouldn’t be so […]

A friend of mine related this story to me on Sun… My friend works as a pianist at a 6-star hotel.  During her break 1 day, she went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.  As she stood at the water dispenser with her drink, a pinoy trainee waitress came, carrying a half-filled […]

Iceman and I will probably be going with Hyatt for our wedding dinner in Singapore because the brand name is good and they have managed to accommodate most of the requests we put forth. The name of the banquet manager we’ve been dealing with has a very close meaning to “Brilliance” (as in shining). Anyway, […]

Had drinks with some colleagues just now and we started talking about our uni days, whether we stayed in the hostel or not, etc. Kid’s Meal: I didn’t take part in any CCA or activities during my uni days. Bigmac: Why not? KM: I think it’s ‘cos the hall I was in was not the […]

… Kid’s Meal ought to be the happiest person in the world. Bigmac, Kid’s Meal, Mich & I were having drinks with an underwriter ("u/wer") just now when we started discussing the usage of contact lenses and how it may result in dry eyes.  The u/wer then asked me when did I start wearing contact […]

Good news for all Singaporeans! Our roads remain safe. Kid’s Meal failed her driving test… with a record 48 demerit points… I’ve never known anyone who flunked by 48 points… Oh and she didn’t even make it out of the test circuit… This is what you call, “can’t out-drive stupidity”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 😛

Road Hazard Update

My department had our CNY dinner today and the conversation shifted to Kid Meal’s driving test tomorrow.  Bouncy told Kid’s Meal to make sure that she "adjusts" all the mirrors when she gets into the car with the tester. Kid’s Meal said, "Why must u do that?  All the mirrors will be adjusted already what […]

Conversation overheard between Bigmac (BM) and Kid’s Meal (KM). BM: KM, why are u writing the minutes all in first person?  U know, as in, why do you write, "ABC says: ‘I will do this’", and "DEF says: ‘I will check on this…’", etc.  Shouldn’t the minutes be in third person? KM: Oh… I did […]

My Moral Duty

I believe it is my moral duty to tell everyone to STAY AWAY from UBI (Eunos) area this Friday, 22 Feb 2008. My belief is based on a conversation that happened earlier today… Bigmac: So are u confident of passing your driving on Fri? Kid’s Meal: Er, no… i’m going to have a practice session […]

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! First day back to office, and i was duly entertained by Smarties and Kid’s Meal.  Smarties was talking to another colleague of ours, Meatlover, about the volunteer work Meatlover does… Smarties: Wow.  Then do you get paid for giving tuition? Meatlover: Of course not lah!  It’s volunteer work.  Where got […]

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