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Read the last post about KM’s Jap and short tongue story?? This is part 2… BM to KM: Today we met a Japanese from the bank. Surprisingly, he has a long tongue. KM: Really? U asked him that?? (I nearly fainted when i heard this) BM: Of ‘cos not… (pauses)… Small Fry (me) went to […]

u are what u eat

yet another afternoon highlight. —————— Bigmac: so what’s Mr. Suki like in person?  is he a nice person? Kid’s Meal (KM): he’s quite nice.  but his English is like different. Bigmac: well, most Japanese speak English a bit strangely. KM: no.  i think it’s ‘cos Japs have short tongues. Bigmac: really?  i wouldn’t know… i’ve […]

Shenzhen is in Taiwan

it’s 4:25pm. everyone’s in holiday mood in office. am working very very slowly, waiting for the day to end so we can leave for our Christmas dinner. really really sleepy. suddenly, Kid’s Meal turns to me and says… KM: is Shenzhen in HK or in China ah? Me: (with a look of digust – couldn’t […]

I remember another time when Booze Queen, Xiao Lao Shu and i were chatting about Facebook and Fighters Club in office. We spoke in half sentences because we didn’t want other people to know what we were talking about… at least they could only speculate… but not be sure what we were referring to. So […]

Protected: The Art of Eavesdropping 1

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

sometimes i just feel like screaming – i cannot take this anymore!!! 😛 bigmac (quoting me): for a person who doesn’t snack, u hv a lot of food on ur table. kid’s meal: but it’s chocolate. me: but chocolate also considered snack what! kid’s meal: is it? me: YA! if choc is not snack then […]

Tian Mi Mi

It’s been a long week… everyone’s busy, stressed, and definitely lacking of sleep. But something happened today that just made our day. About 5:40pm, Bigmac, Kid’s Meal and i were chatting about some stuff (the memory of which has been totally obliterated by what happened next) when i saw Fei Zai and Solo (tall and […]

Azure and i were taking the MRT home 1 day when she suggested that i should start a category on my blog called "Kid’s Meal" and list down all the stupid things that Kid’s Meal says on a daily basis.  But before i got down to it, there’s now a challenger for the Stupidest Person […]

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