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Dance Notes

Private Class with Deborah (26 Oct 2013) 1. Sugar Push / Tuck Turn Make sure full weight transfer on 3. Back leg bends as front leg straightens. 2. Turns During triple step turn, do a small small big, i.e. turning right, last left step will be big step and remember to drag in right foot. […]

Dance Notes

Private with Chuck on 24 Oct 2013 1) Foot Position Don’t open feet outwards so much. Small V. 2) Sugar Push Count 3 – should feel like a “check”. Weight should push into the floor. Do not pitch forward. Breathe in to expand frame. Count 4 – push/ glide back, marginally diagonally right. Make sure […]

The Asian WCS Open, aka Swingvitation has come and gone. Great fun. I took the choreo class by world champs Jordan and Tatiana and we performed the routine on the Saturday night of Swingvitation. It was really challenging and my takeaway from it is, in performing any choreo, it’s vital to have the right partner. […]

Jack & Jill

Took part in my first Jack & Jill on Sun (7 Apr 2013) at China One’s Viva La Fiesta event!  Well, it was just for fun, no WSDC points awarded but was a good experience.  I was in Heat 1.  First partner was Daelus, then Philbert and last partner was Paul.  All cool. The whole […]

Exams and Auditions

There’s been talk in WCS recently about the merits of having “leveled workshops” at WCS events (i.e. having workshops that are marked out for different levels such as beginner/ intermediate/ advance, and the merits of going to the extent of having to audition before you can take the workshop). I think some form of “leveling” […]

I am a Rookie!

Tired.  Was playing the silly game Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad till close to 3am last night.  Was super tired but couldn’t sleep after that!  Brain must have still been thinking about how to crush them zombies.  Hahaha. It was a real chore waking up and staying awake during a presentation on claims that […]


I truly believe that in dancing (and as Iceman pointed out in sports too), practice makes permanent. So if u don’t nail your basics, u’re permanently screwed.

Nailing the Basics

I’ve been quite obsessed with nailing the basic footwork for West Coast Swing. It’s not difficult per se – almost everyone I’ve seen has no problems doing it on the correct count. But doing it with the right style & groove is quite a different story. Having observed people on the dance floor, I’ve concluded […]

West Coast Swing

Started the new year by learning a new dance – West Coast Swing (WCS). It’s the official state dance of California and has its roots in Lindy Hop. Thank goodness it looks very different (i don’t like Lindy. Heh.) My interest in WCS was 1st piqued when i saw videos of my friend (and salsa […]


After 8 long years, I’m taking salsa lessons again. It all started when I saw this notice for a performance course and decided on a last min whim to go for the audition for the course. Thankfully, I cleared it and so I joined the 8-week class. Two Weds ago, I also saw a new […]

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