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I Survived!

After 4 long years, I made it down to salsa today.  Went for the Jitterbugs’ social.  I was really really happy that I got to see Vandalin, Z and CL.  Also got to know 2 new friends through AL… though I was a little insulted by what one of them said. I know I know,  […]

Four Years? !

According to this blog, the last time I went salsa was 4 years ago! ! In Jan 2007! I’m absolutely astounded. Where did the last four years go? Can I even still dance? Keep count? Do spins? Gosh! Salsa this Fri will be a baptism of fire! *Aghast*

Buay Song!

Am very unhappy.  Went to colour and highlight my hair today.  But the base colour came out too dark, and the blonde highlights, instead of being blonde… turned out gold!! This is the colour combi i HATE, DETEST & DESPISE the most.  I always think this is a guy’s hair colour combi… it’s so masculine.  […]

Salsaholic Tuesday

Went down to Union Square again just now.  Was really really tired ‘cos i slept at 3am last night but ‘cos i already made arrangements with a friend, i didn’t want to cancel my plans.  (Yep, i’m the type who when i set out to do something, i don’t give up till i achieve my […]


This is darn silly… it’s 1:45am now… I just got back from salsa… and i’m sitting at my pc typing this entry ‘cos my foot just cramped and i can’t move.  Haha.  But i’m still feeling damn high… heh… high from salsa… can’t believe it.  Now i understand why some people say that exercise is addictive… […]

See u again in 6 months

I made it to salsa after all. Hehe. Arrived at Union Square at 12am and the first greeting i got was, “Wah! What wind blows u here?” As long as it isn’t broken wind, does it matter? Hehe… okok. I love u peeps too. I’m glad u remember my name & welcomed me. It was […]

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