A Rose by any other Name will still have Thorns that Prick

I’ve been haunted by the wonderfully yummylicious oysters i had in Manila since i got back to Singapore.  Asked & surfed around for recommendations on where to find the best fresh oysters in Singapore and i came up with this list:


The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore – Sunday Champagne Brunch

Where: Greenhouse (tel: 6434 5288 / 6337 8888)
Enjoy all-day dining at Greenhouse, which showcases international flavours and local favourites on buffet or á la carte. Seafood aficionados may dive into our delectable buffet dinners and savour Singapore’s iconic dish – chili or peppered crabs, along with a rotation of scallops, oysters, slipper lobsters and Japanese sushi and sashimi.

  • All-day á la carte: 6:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.
  • Buffet breakfast: 6:30 – 10:30 a.m.
  • Buffet lunch: Noon – 2:30 p.m.
  • Buffet dinner: 6:30 – 10.30 p.m.
  • Saturday Teddy Bear Tea buffet: Noon – 3 p.m.
  • Sunday vintage champagne brunch: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., offering an unlimited flow of Moët & Chandon, wines and selected cocktails accompanied by freshly shucked oysters, seafood, roasts, 80 French farmhouse cheeses and freshly baked soufflés
  • Advanced reservations recommended


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore – Sunday Brunch At One-Ninety

Where: One-Ninety (tel: 6831 7250 / 6734 1110)
International and Singaporean specialties such as spicy laksa, fragrant chicken rice and wonton noodles are available all-day. Breakfast features a buffet of Asian and contemporary western favourites. On Saturdays, a high tea buffet of local and international delicacies take centre stage. Sunday brunch, complete with champagne, juices, appetisers and buffet stations of Asian and international delights, has something to please every palate.


Meritus Mandarin Singapore – International Buffet

Where: Triple 3, The Buffet Restaurant (tel: 6831 6271/88)
Featuring the widest and most imaginative buffet spread of Eastern and Western flavours with a fresh selection of cold cuts and seafood as well as mouth-watering desserts which will have you lingering for more!

Relish different monthly cuisine coupled with refreshing, new dishes to further appease your discerning palate. A choice to dine al fresco by the pool or in an air-conditioned comfort, Triple 3 is the only buffet restaurant in town to be awarded the ‘Best Buffet’ title by Wine and Dine magazine.


Oyster Nights at The Line

The Line’s gastronomic dinner spread will be enhanced every Tuesday night with over 10 varieties of freshly-shucked oysters from Australia, New Zealand and France, priced at SGD 68 per person. Guests will also enjoy delicious champagne cocktails from The Line Bar at the special price of SGD 10 per glass.

With 16 theatre kitchens offering a range of cuisine from local delights, Chinese delicacies, exquisite Japanese, hearty Western, healthy salads, fresh seafood and decadent desserts including unique ice cream teppanyaki and a chocolate fountain, diners are suitably spoilt for choice.

Valid Dates

Sunday, July 01, 2007 – Tuesday, July 31, 2007


For reservations, please call The Line at (65) 6213 4275.


So i’ve decided to go easy on my alcohol intake and spend money on oysters instead!!  I mean… mnoney spent on drinks and money spent on oysters is still money spent right?  Shall start with the buffet at Meritus Mandarin and come July… i’ll be at Shangri La’s The Line every Tue!  Woohoo! 

Oh damn!  I have tennis on Tue too… maybe i should postpone tennis for 1 mth.


Finally got down to doing my claims for my Manila trip today.  The hotel was expensive man… S$1400+ for a 4-night stay.  But oh well… it’s on company’s expense.  Heh.  Doesn’t matter.  Haha.  I enjoyed the room.  The secretary told me that the reason why the room rates were so expensive was ‘cos the single rooms were all fully booked and hence i was booked on the deluxe room.  Muahaha.  😛

Here are some pics:


My room on the first night.  Really huge with 2 super single beds (i think – the beds were just slightly smaller than queen beds!).  Also had a couch and a spacious study desk.  🙂






Patience loved the bed.  Konked out immediately upon arrival.





The bathroom was impressive – large with separate bath & shower areas.  There was even this magnifying mirror with an attached light!







This was the mini-bar area.  Impressive huh?






Shifted to a slightly smaller room with a huge (at least) king size bed the 2nd night ‘cos i was on a smoking floor the first night.  Nonetheless, no complaints!  🙂





The excellent level of room service – i dumped my toiletries on the counter top and when the chambermaid/ chamberguy cleaned my room, my things were arranged nicely on a linen hanky!






Night view from my room – facing Glorietta 3 (1 of the many shopping malls in the vicinity).






Same view but during the day.






Had dinner at some fancy Italian restaurant 1 night.  This soup was served with the ingredients (lobster, clam and can’t remember what else) on the plate dry… then the soup poured in!  Interesting!  Heh.






“The Fort” – another Ayala land development that reminds me of Clarke Quay.






The Filipino version of pisang goreng – with icecream too!







My fave restaurant – Via Mare Oyster Bar at Greenbelt 4!  *Slurp*






I had 10 baked oysters with San Miguel Light and…






8 raw oysters with gin tonic on my last night in Makati.  The waiter eyed me curiously… and finally couldn’t suppress his curiousity and asked where i was from.  Haha.  All Filipinos i met claimed they’re big eaters.  They’ve not seen a real big eater man…




Still had strong craving for the oysters so i went back to the Oyster Bar for 8 more raw oysters and a cheesy onion soup (the best i’ve ever tried!) before i went to the airport to catch my flight back to Singapore.


I love Makati City, Manila!  🙂

Road Trip : Gula Melaka

Back from Melaka!  Had a fantastic & very fulfilling (for the stomach) trip.  The last time i went to Melaka was almost 20 years ago… when i was in primary school.  Heh… like what my boss said, nothing has changed much… and oooh… i really love the quaint little town.

I stayed in Hotel Puri, which is near Jonker Street.  Really nice place.  We didn’t do any deep or inspirational sort of activity… it was a pure chill out, & fill out your stomach kind of trip.  Our routine basically was, eat, walk, eat, sleep, eat, walk, eat, sleep. 

We had copious amounts of food … i haven’t weighed myself on the weighing machine yet… haha… let’s see… started off with a communal nasi lemak, breakfast beehoon + sausage + fish balls, and ramly burger at the first rest stop after we cleared the Tuas customs.  Er, don’t ask me for the name.  I’ve never been good with names.

After breakfast, we drove all the way to Melaka.  Minute we reached, we dumped our bags & went out for lunch.  Had laksa & chendol… hehe… i had like 2 bowls of chendol… hiak hiak… with lots of extra thick gooey gula melaka poured on top. 

After lunch, we went to some shopping centre (once again, i don’t remember the name) to shop… walked around for about 1.5hrs, and adjourned to Starbucks for a caffeine pick-me-up.  We then split up to walk around some more, before we all trekked like 1km just to try what someone proclaimed the “best youtiao in the world”.  It was good lah… but… 1km just for youtiao!?  *Faints*.

Dinner was at the pasar malam along Jonker St… a good variety of hawker food (dimsum, stingray, char kway teow, or-luak – the fried oyster thingy, etc).  Watched a very entertaining “finger breaking coconut” show after that… and of ‘cos what else could follow except more food?  Hiak hiak.  I remember the name of the place this time – Geographer’s cafe – we went there for drinks, ended up feeling hungry, and had finger food.  Heh.

This morning, we once again started the day with a good breakfast buffet at the hotel.  (It’s the most important meal of the day u know!)  Then it was off to breakfast part 2 – dimsum!!  Haha… after dimsum, we went back for the fantastic chendol (I am proud to say that i ate the most chendol this trip!  3 bowls!  Muahaha!), before heading back to the hotel to rest/ relax/ sleep/ watch tv.  Lunch was at this oh-so-excellent teochew restaurant with a super long name.  Had or-mee (oyster + noodles cooked in delicious dark sauce), deep-fried soft-shell crabs, veggie with clams, superbly fresh steamed fish, duck, suckling pig, bittergourd with pork ribs (i didn’t try this… me no like bitter stuff!) and rounded everything up with or-nee (yam paste dessert).  WOOHOO!  Everyone voted that the best meal of the trip!

Ok… time to do a weight check… and will go get my digicam & hp to upload some photos i took.  🙂



Here’re some random photos i took.



Jonker Dessert Cafe – where we had the laksa & FANTASTIC gula melaka laden chendol!






See the container?  That’s the gooey gula melaka u can pour over your chendol! Woohoo!  *Sugar high*







Hotel Puri – entrance to hotel lobby







Airwell in hotel – i just love these old shophouses!







Passageway leading to the rooms








Geographer’s Cafe – fantastic chill out place!








Upper floor of Geographer’s Cafe








All yours for only RM2300!







Stylo shot of some old building and backview of my friends.  Haha.






Lots of clogs for sale!








Vintage Ford Taurus (i think)







Old records for sale







Melaka’s version of the tri-shaw.  All dressed up.






Liked the ships on the canvas blinds.  Just thought this made a nice postcard shot.







The Teochew restaurant we had our lunch.  FANTASTIC!  *Slurp*





Sigh.. weight check result – 45.6kg.  Gained 0.6kg in 2 days?!  It’s just water… chendol is made of ice, ice is water… just water…

Birthday Festival 2006

Wow… it’s been 1 year since this blog was born. Once again, it’s UptownGal’s birthday festival week. Last year was a sad case… was forced to work on my birthday. So to make up for it, i took 3 days off this year! 😛

The celebrations started last Thursday and the main highlight of UTG Birthday Festival 2006 was the trip to Sentosa. Not much to talk about… who doesn’t know Sentosa right? So let’s just let the photos do the talking. If you look close enough, u’ll find me somewhere in one of the photos…hehe…

The open concept toilet at Rasa Sentosa. (There’re louvered doors to close it up.)

The view from my hotel room balcony.

Siloso Beach

Mr. Turtle when he’s not shooting “Finding Nemo”. (He said he got tired of looking for that kid.)

Nemo.. still hiding…

The Giant Japanese Spider Crab that inspired my dinner.

Some sharks give birth to eggs! Click here to read more!

A really big eagle ray! (Found its name at the underwater world website!)

Jaws, after retirement… (white-tip reef shark)

My dinner – the claw of a *get this* 2.4KG crab!! BTW, the address of the stall is Blk 232 AMK Ave 3 – Mellben Seafood or something like that…


Oops… sorry, forgot to upload this video i took of the jellyfish at Underwater World, as well as this video of the pink dolphin… all photos & videos taken using my nifty Nokia 6280. Muahahah…