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N73 or Canon Ixus?

Been thinking of getting the latest Nokia N73 ‘cos it comes with a 3.2MP camera. I’ve read several comparisons of the N73 and Sonyericsson’s K800i and the conclusion i got is that the N73 takes better shots in bright light, whereas the K800i gives u better night shots. The N73, howver, definitely is the winner […]

Number Portability

Ok… this is the geek in me speaking. A friend just told me about how Singapore is going to launch “true no. portability” from Q4 of 2007 onwards. Basically, if you want to keep your hp no. when u switch telcos, the new telco will give u a new no., of which your existing hp […]

Hope for ICQ!

Yesterday, i read in the Straits Times’ digital life section that MSN & Yahoo has just launched a latest version of the 2 IMs that will allow users to send messages across both platforms. Immediately, the thought that came to my mind was… that’s it lah. ICQ is doomed to eternal obscurity. After all, the […]

A long time ago, i wrote about ICQ vs MSN. Now, i think it’s finally a foregone conclusion that ICQ is heading the way of the dinosaurs.A friend of mine recently introduced me to Live Messenger. This is the latest beta version of MSN messenger. It looks pretty much similar to the regular MSN except […]

Hell hath no fury…

… like UptownGal misrepresented to. On 18/3/2006 (Sat), the Nokia 6280 hp was officially launched in Singapore. Having waited in anticipation for the phone, I checked the papers and realised that Singtel was selling the phone the cheapest – for $248 whereas M1 & Starhub were selling it for $448, all terms & conditions the […]

The Smartest Stupidest Thing

Since i’m on the topic of phones… i thought i might as well share the most brillantly stupid thing about the Nokia 6280. I am very happy about the phone – it’s relatively light, has a fantastic big screen that’s sharp in resolution, has a good camera, speedy menus, etc, etc… and guess what? It […]

The bigger scope of things

I bought the new Nokia 6280 last night! I’ve been eyeing this phone for a couple of months now and when it was launched over the past weekend, i grabbed it ‘cos Singtel had a special promotion – $220 cheaper than the other telcos! Managed to trade in my 6230i for $270 (Wywy shop) so […]

Handphone addict!

Argh… this is terrible. I’m a bad bad handphone addict. When i was a poor student, i restricted myself to changing handphones once a year so that i could recontract and enjoy the offer prices for signing my life away. After i started work, this once a year trend soon accelerated to once every 6 […]

My apologies

I was scanning through my old blog entries looking for this person’s blog’s url… couldn’t find it but saw a couple of comments that were posted quite some time back! Aiyoh, so paiseh. Sorry i didn’t see the comments earlier… not that it’s a big deal to anyone but i didn’t realise that i forgot […]

Big Brother is Watching

Have u ever wondered who is reading your blog, if anyone at all? Given the vast expanse of cyberspace, i’ve always wondered if anyone other than my few colleagues & friends know of the existence of this blog. How do people find their way here? Do i pop up on Google (i do!)? Where do […]

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