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Wild Goose Chase

Singtel’s service is really like shit. 1. I tried to recontract my mobile line + purchase the Nokia 808 pureview online. Was unable to do so because I’m on a Mio bundle plan. 2. So I went to the Hello! shop at Arcade. A lady I spoke to (forgot to get her name) told me […]

Possessed Ipad

Just occurred to me that i got a “good deal” from Apple repair. What happened was that my ipad got possessed recently. Yup. Possessed. The ipad would open apps on its own, change my settings and even try to play Bejeweled with me. Highly irritating. So i brought it to Epicentre. Told them my ipad […]

Microsoft White Touch Mouse

This is going to be an absolutely geeky post.  Bought the MS White Touch Mouse for $59 (member price) from Challenger today.  Pretty happy with it.  The touch gestures don’t excite me that much but the mouse does feel good & comfy to hold.  More than anything, I’m just happy to have a new toy.  […]

Nokia 808

I’m so looking forward to the newly announced Nokia 808. Reason why i haven’t changed my Nokia N8 is because i haven’t found a hp that better suits my 4 very basic requirements: 1) Able to multitask. I’m an impatient person and i hate waiting for things to load on the hp. If i surf […]

Looking for a New Handphone

My mom’s been badgering me for a new handphone ‘cos she wants to use Whatapp (she was using the SonyEricsson T707, or at least I think that’s the model number).  She lamented how her colleagues & friends would group chat to arrange lunch/ dinner appointments & how she always was the only one who had […]

iPad, First Thoughts

So i’ve been learning how to use the iPad and i realise I’m really not attuned to how the iOS operates. What i like so far is how portable the iPad is and the excellent battery life. It’s a fantastic device for reading news (love reading all my tech news on Flipboard). The big screen […]

Hello Apple

It’s late so this will be a short post. Just to share that i bought an iPad 2! Still not an Apple fan though. Biggest gripe is that i can’t control simple things like deleting certain photos from my iPad without deleting it from my laptop album. What i do like is its portability. Will […]

Nokia 6700 & a Swimming Pool

I often hear stories about how people drop their Nokia phones in water and how the phone miraculously survives. Last weekend, my boss was watching his son play/ wade in a swimming pool at Sentosa. He had instructed his son to stay on the steps of the pool cos his son was too short to […]

Nokia Customer Care SUCKS!

The Nokia Customer Care in Singapore really really sucks.   I think it would be a challenge to find another helpdesk more lacking and inadequate.  I asked @NokiaSg on Twitter who should I send a complaint letter to.  They requested that I told them my problem over e-mail.  Fine.  So I did.  I sent an e-mail […]

What I Dislike About the Nokia N8

Having used the N8 for close to 2 months now, there’re 2 things that annoy me. First, why are users in Singapore restricted to English, Malay & Chinese?  What can’t I install a myriad of languages like in the iOS?  I’m told I need to go to Nokia Care Centre to get them to install […]

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