Turf Wars


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a happy colony of rabbits. As there was peace for many suns and moons, the bunnies were lulled into the mistakened belief that their green flourishing lawn was safe from all enemy attack and they soon became complacement.


One day, they received a scroll from the bears of the Order of Evil Fruit Trees, challenging the peaceable bunnies to battle. Shocked and realizing their mistake, the bunnies sought help from the most revered ET-zi (co-author of Sunzi’s Art of War).


At first, ET-zi was reluctant to impart his secret kungfu skills to the bunnies. But after many attempts, ET-zi was touched by the sincerity of the bunnies and agreed to help them. He made them promise him that they would have the mentality of a “pit-rabbit” (read: pitbull). They must be siao and never ever give up in their fight.



Inspired by his teachings, the bunnies geared themselves up for battle. Some were sent as spies to gather information from the ground. Others sourced for food supplies to ensure that they were well-fed and had enough energy to engage in what would be the fiercest battle of the century!



The bunnies did countless push-ups, sparred with each other in deadly ear-to-ear combat, and “practised, drilled, & rehearsed” the secret kungfu skills taught by ET-zi.



After intensive training, the bunnies set off for battle. Will they win? Will good triumph over evil? Stay tuned for the next episode of… Turf Wars…

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