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V-Day 2020

A very real Valentine’s Day, amidst fears of the COVID-19 mutating to become something more serious, amidst a deteriorating credit environment and more businesses going insolvent and learning from the reality that even your spouse’s love for you will always be so small compared to God’s love. I really overestimated spousal love. I thought finally, […]


Wed night when I couldn’t sleep, there were a lot of things on my mind. In random order – do you think we should have a kid? I’m 41 this year so it’s prob. now or never. Of ‘cos, just ‘cos we try doesn’t mean it’ll happen but I think I don’t overly love kids […]

I don’t know why

A half truth makes a whole lie.Too many I don’t know whys.The longer the evasion, the more natural the white lies.Ever increasing guilt, ever decreasing joy.

God’s Word

Reading the bible really gives me a lot of comfort. It gives me peace, and assurance knowing that He is here for me and He is all that matters. Thank you, Lord.

Protected: A Letter, One Year On

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


雖然經常夢見妳 還是毫無頭緒外面正在下著雨 今天是星期幾But I don’t know 你去那裡雖然不曾懷疑你 還是忐忑不定誰是你的那個唯一 原諒我懷疑自己我明白 我要的愛 會把我寵壞像一個小孩 只懂在你懷裡壞你要的愛 不只是依賴要像個大男孩 風吹又日曬 生活自由自在雖然不曾懷疑你 還是忐忑不定誰是你的那個唯一 原諒我懷疑我自己我明白 我要的愛 會把我寵壞像一個小孩 只懂在你懷裡壞…

Farewell 2018

Pain, worthlessness, grief, self-harm; too many dark moments have plagued 2018. I truly wish for a better tomorrow in 2019.

I Wished…

I was a bigger part of your consciousness.  


I died. Got revived. And I woke up a different person. Scarred. Despairing. Looking forward to His second coming.   If I wasn’t drowning, I wouldn’t cling on so hard.


Dylan was a friend from dance. On 7 Ang 2018, Dylan decided to leave us at the very young age of 27. The news came as a great shock because whenever I think of Dylan, the image of someone with a big smile would pop into my mind. His family shared that he had been […]

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