Dance Notes

Private Class with Deborah (26 Oct 2013)

1. Sugar Push / Tuck Turn
Make sure full weight transfer on 3. Back leg bends as front leg straightens.

2. Turns
During triple step turn, do a small small big, i.e. turning right, last left step will be big step and remember to drag in right foot.

3. Differentiate Tone and Frame
Frame moves the whole body. Tone is firm arms that allows the lead to move you.

4. At All Times!
Do not split weight.
Always have weight in straight leg while dragging in bent leg.

Dance Notes

Private with Chuck on 24 Oct 2013

1) Foot Position

  • Don’t open feet outwards so much. Small V.

2) Sugar Push

  • Count 3 – should feel like a “check”. Weight should push into the floor. Do not pitch forward. Breathe in to expand frame.
  • Count 4 – push/ glide back, marginally diagonally right. Make sure to post on 4.
  • So not rush the 5 & 6.
  • Hold the 5-and. Make sure nose over toes. The “and” should be at the base of right heel.
  • Step 6 slowly. Make sure not to land on heel till last moment.
  • The 5 & 6 should feel like walking backwards. Don’t think too much.
  • If there’s a need to adjust distance on the ”and”, make sure to collect right foot b4 moving forward for 1.

3) Underarm & Left-side Pass

  • Do not bend knees / plie on count 3-and.
  • Step right foot slightly out on 4 so left foot doesn’t detour around right foot.
  • Make sure to post on 4.

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last week.  I dreamt that I resigned without a job and as I approached my last day with the company, I started getting overwhelmed with regret.  I then started thinking of excuses I could tell my boss that I didn’t want to quit anymore.  Heh.  I felt sad that I had to stop doing the work I’m doing, and sad that I would no longer be the broker for my favourite clients!  Although it wasn’t an entirely bad dream, I twittered about it when I woke up because I didn’t want to forget this dream.  I’ve realised that not many people enjoy their jobs as much as me.  I love my job. I really do.  Political Risk Insurance is fun, and I love working with the bank clients I have.  Decided to blog about this so that I’ll never forget that it’s a God given blessing to have a job I love and fantastic colleagues and a good boss too!  As 2010 gets on, I just want to thank God for this ‘cos it’s wonderful not to dread going to work in the morning.

:)  Yay!

you get what you give

i sent out a 2nd round of sms-es today to people who have not replied to my 1st round of sms wedding invitation.  some came back and said yes, others said they couldn’t make it ‘cos they won’t be in Singapore.  some also said they will get back to me later ‘cos they are still waiting for their travel schedules.  looking at the guest list, i must admit that i was rather disappointed that some of my NTU friends are unable to make it.  but being internal auditors, i know they travel quite a bit and so they won’t be around. 

on the other hand, i noted with great gladness, that some really old friends that i used to hang out with are coming.  i was pleasantly surprised at the speed of their replies.  some old old friends from TPJC, some of the first batch of Singnet colleagues i worked with, ex-Frankelites who have since gone to other churches and 2 NTU friends who said “yes”, despite knowing that they will not know anyone else at the wedding. 

i guess what saddens me most is that the group of people that i am supposed to have the most support from, support, i do not have.  for whatever reasons there may be, i suppose the bottom line is that i haven’t invested much time with these friends in recent years.  i’m starting to believe that even in friendships, it’s better to be hot (close friends) or cold (whereby the friendship can be revived), than lukewarm (where you’re neither coming nor going).

but it’s ok.  everything can be worked out.  i just need to tap other sources of help.  i haven’t asked the intern to do anything for some time now… muahahaha *evil laugh*.

Live and (Re)Loaded

These were some pointers/lessons that were touched upon and/or shared (by other participants) during the marriage preparation course but it is only recently that I have come to realise how they may affect me.

1. The couple should ideally set up a home of their own (if finances permit)

Not that there’s anything wrong with our parents’ homes/house rules but I think having a home of your own will help strengthen a couple’s relationship as they start to form their own value system for the family and institute their own house rules.

2. The wife/husband should talk to their respective parents

Having loved and tolerated our idiosyncrasies since we were kids, our parents are definitely more accommodating and receptive when we raise issues with them – versus having our spouse do the talking.

3. The husband must stand up for his wife

Although it is a horrible position to be caught between mother and wife, a husband must be fair and willing to speak up for his wife if the need arises.

4. The wife must not bring her grievances back to her parents’ home

I’m not saying that the wife should suffer in silence but it really would not help matters as the wife’s family will definitely take her side.  Why cause more misunderstanding/division?

5. The husband should be tolerant of the wife’s mood swings

(This is a personal observation).  Women, being more affected by their hormones, tend to have quicker mood swings (aka PMS or worse – menopause).  Husbands should not take this personally.

6. There is a time for everything

As wise man Solomon noted, there is a time for everything.  The wife should not be anxious to force the issue if the husband is not ready to talk about it.

7. God is in control

The most important lesson (in my opinion) – we cannot add an hour to our lives by worrying.  I have recently started to feel the stress of getting married – will I find an evening gown that I like, will the gowns be ready in time, will the photoshoot turn out ok, will the photos get developed in time, will we be able to meet the minimum 30 tables required by Hyatt, will the logistics of travelling from Singapore to JB be ok, will the immigration and customs be jammed, will we bust our finances… the list goes on.

A verse (2 verses actually) that has popped up in my head quite often these days is – 1 Peter 5:6-7, "Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that He may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you".

What’s there to worry really.  God has given me the biggest comfort in the fact that Iceman is with me in Christ.

Everything will work out.

Snooze is Evil

I need to stop snoozing.  Woke up at 8:15am this morning though my original alarm clock was set for 7:30am.  Woke up at 7:40am (snooze), Iceman rang at 7:45am, 2nd alarm went off again at 7:50am and every subsequent 5 minutes till 8:15am.  Argh.  Left my house at 8:42am (I officially start work at 8:30am) and reached office at 9:25am!!  Sigh.  Very bad.

Note to Self

Note to self #1:


When wearing hot pants, do not hook fingers through belt loops as underwear will be exposed.  Wait a min… note to self sub point 1 – do not wear hot pants when you have flabby legs.

Note to self #2:


When working as cabbie, preparation is better than cure.

Note to self #3:

sylar vs MC

Never offend your owner’s boyfriend… you will get “sylar-ed”.