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Entrusting Pinky to God

Just went downstairs to check on Pinky. He didn’t touch the food in his cage from the time we said goodnight at 10:25pm. My dad said that he should have recovered his appetite because he started munching grass at 6:30pm. He also took a few bites of his pellets. (I didn’t witness that for myself […]

I just entered my bathroom to shower when i saw this HUGE cockroach on my mirror!! “ARGHHHHHH!!!!!” I screamed, ran out of the toilet, grabbed the insecticide, and opened the toilet door stealthily and took a peep at the cursed roach. It was perched on my mirror, above my toothbrush. As quietly as i could, […]

Starving to Death

Pinky – refusing to eat  Pinky’s not eating nor drinking. Had to coax/force him to take in some food yesterday and he ate – approx. 10 celery leaves, 6 strands of hay, and 2 shreds of carrot the whole of yesterday. That’s very very little. A celery leaf is like 2cm x 1cm in size… […]

“Let me out!!”

dear adoring fans of Pinky, humans are such horrible liars. one moment they tell you that they love you, the next moment, they have you sterilized… i was tricked into going into the blue carrier with the lure of a great adventure. but i was brought to the vet instead!! once again, i saw the […]


I think Pinky is an absolutely intelligent little bunny. Last night, when i let him out of his cage for our nightly bonding session, i told him that he was going for his snip snip operation on Tue. He seemed nochalant about it but apparently, my dad saw him trying to mount Horlicks repeatedly this […]

Hey Big Spender!

The Great Singapore Sale rocks!! Hehe… just came back from a shopping spree at Wisma Atria and boy did i buy tons of stuff!! Hehe. I bought this pretty linen dress from Warehouse (to be worn for some upcoming weddings – so frens attending the same weddings as me, please don’t buy the same dress. […]

Strapless Bras

I consider myself quite an authority on bras… strapless bras to be specific ‘cos i’ve been on a hunt for good ones for years. The biggest curse of being busty is not being able to find a strapless bra that’ll hold! Recently, i was introduced to this backless strapless bra by my colleague. It holds […]


Added a disclaimer… ———————————— A good friend of mine & i talked about the issue of inbreeding before. We were referring to the syndrome of church people dating one another, breaking up, and getting attached to another… We didn’t mean it in any cynical sense… just that if u mix around with the same group […]

New song!!

Ah… the very first English song on my blog! This is a now not so new song by Daniel Bedingfield (i’m not sure if he ever released another album after his 1st) but i like the tune a lot. Heh. Enjoy… The title is If You’re Not the One. Oh wait… i just googled… he’s […]

There’s been this furore in Hongkong recently, sparked off by a video clip taken using a hp on a public bus. Apparently, this middle-aged man was talking very loudly on his hp while on the bus. A young man seated behind the middle-aged man then pat his shoulder and asked him to lower his voice. […]

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