Feeling bad abt telling a colleague off but also feeling annoyed that even after I said repeatedly that the client is on compliance leave and cannot work on any deals, my colleague wrote in his e-mail, “As spoken earlier…”

Luckily I stopped him before the e-mail went out. Unfortunately, my reaction was a little harsh – I said, “Are you trying to fucking kill the client?”

He just doesn’t seem convinced that breaching compliance leave has serious consequences if you’re in a bank. And I did say to address the e-mail to the client’s boss! ARGH!


Because the insurance industry is tightly regulated, my company has a rule that when a broker visits a client overseas, the broker must be accompanied by local staff.

A colleague from India wrote to us about 2 weeks ago asking to visit our clients in Singapore. I don’t know why he likes to come here when I’ve told him more than once that our clients do not purchase credit insurance in India.

My boss also told him that these 2 weeks leading up to CNY is very busy for us so it would be better if he comes after that.

Said colleague replied that he’s actually visiting Singapore for other business and visiting our bank clients is just a secondary purpose of his trip.

As it transpires, this Indian colleague has NO other meetings planned. A colleague who is helping to coordinate the 2 client meetings we had to set up for him as well as some underwriter meetings thus asked us if we intend to lunch with him.

I said no. My point is, we’ve already said that this is not a good week for him to come. Since he insists on imposing on us, I don’t see why I need to inconvenience myself to entertain him during lunch. Even if I don’t have any lunch appointments, lunch time = break time and I’m particular about who I spend my lunch with.

I also hope, for his sake, that he doesn’t try to lecture or “teach” my team members how to broker deals. The last time he did that, I told him off over the phone and I cannot guarantee how much more blunt I may be in person.

I remember when I used to do life underwriting a long time ago, a senior underwriter said that some life insurance agents are like piles. You can treat them but they never go away.

Sums up how I feel now.

Ignorance Knows No Bounds

I had a very disturbing conversation with a young colleague this evening…

Colleague: OMG! I was going to vote for the PAP but looks like I’m going to have to change my vote! I just read this HUGE EXPOSÉ online! DID YOU KNOW that Lee Hsien Loong is the Chairman of GIC? And our Deputy PMs, Tharman and Teo Chee Hean are also on the board? 

Me: *Stunned* What’s the big deal? It’s on the GIC website what.

Colleague: Even then! That’s terrible! There should be separation of State and this kind of GLC! 

Me: *Lagi stunned* Do you know what the GIC does? It invests our foreign reserves leh! If Singapore’s PM doesn’t head it… Then who u want to head it?

The conversation died after that. 

Disgusting Behaviour

Received a letter from my previous company saying that i breached MAS regulations for a policy placed in 2010 and renewed in 2011 and thus they reported me to MAS. What the fark man, seriously! The misconduct, they claimed, was that i acted as a reinsurance broker when the company’s licence was only for direct insurance broker services.

I’m astounded how i could be considered a reinsurance broker when i don’t know / liaise / deal with the cedant nor the original insured. Fact of the matter is that my then Thai office approached the Singapore office for help as they were not familiar with Political Risk Insurance and thus i helped by providing consultancy / technical advice to them in discussion with underwriters. My previous company used to trumpet being “united” amongst all the offices. Well, that’s unity for you. When there’s money to be earned, they’ll earn it. Any issues, instead of clarifying with me what happened, i’m just made scapegoat. Totally disgusting behaviour.

Am now in the midst of discussing with my current company if i should raise this as an issue and clarify matters with MAS as this may affect me as a broker.

I’m just so pissed off and annoyed at how underhand the whole issue has been handled. Pui!


Way way way too much work has fallen on my plate. I know we’re extremely short-handed but the accounts distribution really isn’t very even. Too annoyed to really care anymore. Am just waiting for a complaint to come in from a client – any client – about tardy response time & poor service. Maybe then my boss will take me seriously when I say I have a lot of work to do.

Taking Over

The problem with taking over someone’s accounts or portfolio when they quit is that certain things may not have been done in the most efficient or correct way. And you can’t lay blame on the person who left without coming across as bitchy but you still have to clear the shit and hope your newly acquired clients will not think you’re ineffective. Argh. Pisses me off.


An underwriter from an insurer I work closely with resigned recently. He told his soon to be ex company that he was going to be a broker but refused to say which broking firm he was joining.

Too bad for him he told my client which competitor broker he was joining and it didn’t take much work for me to get my client to share the intel with me. Am a little cheesed off that this soon to be ex underwriter has approached my client while he’s still serving his notice. But I’m even more insulted that he thought my client would shield this “secret” for him. 也太低估我了吧!

Mr Noseshit

Ever since I accidentally found out (he saved his employment contract in our network drive) my colleague’s pay (much higher than mine) and that he’s going to get a double promotion next year, I’ve been a disgruntled employee. It irks me cos this chap has a tendency to seek advice / solutions from me, and share it with the boss as though he thought the solution himself In fact, last Thurs, he even went as far as to say that he didn’t join our future boss for dinner with some underwriters cos he stayed back to help me resolve some problems. What a bloody liar. He didn’t go for the dinner cos he had a date! And I have evidence of it as he scanned and saved the receipt in our network drive, with the gal’s name appended to it. On top of that, he even claimed travel reimbursement for “OTing” that day.

On Mon, we had drinks with our clients and he had the cheek to say that he “contributed me”. Shit lah. I’m not some commodity that can be traded. Plus, I was the one who arranged the drinks session. More importantly, this joker doesn’t even drink. He alternates between orange juice and mocktails like Pussy Foot (such a sissy drink).

What added to my irritation was when we were leaving, he asked if I wanted to share cab. My reply was, “For what? There are so many empty cabs waiting for customers!”. His reply was, to help the company save money. Wah lau eh. What a hypocrite. If he wanted to help the company save money, then he should not be making false transport claims, including the “OT cab fare home” last Fri – it was a public holiday! This is the same dude that regularly lunches on company expense!

Such an annoying fellow. Argh!

Then I read Phil 2:14-15 a few days ago. The verse says to do everything without grumbling or arguing so that you may become blameless and pure. Gotta admit it’s a real struggle cos I have so many grievances against this colleague that I’ve been complaining about working with him. Sigh. Still trying to accept that he’s The way he is and it’s not my call to judge.