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It’s really damn frustrating how Facebook keeps changing their privacy settings.  In the past, I disabled the option of letting friends check me into places/ locations.  But the farked up FB now allows it automatically & I cannot remove this option.  What’s the point of allowing me to set a certain privacy setting only to […]

I Hate Dishonest Merchants!

Really damn angry during dinner just now. Had yong tau fu at the NTUC operated, Foodfare food court at Simei. I wasn’t hungry so i took the minimum 6 pieces of yong tau fu. The PRC staff shortchanged me and had the audacity to insist i took 7 pieces. My mental sums is very poor […]

Fucking Pissed Off

I’ve had sore throat & cough for 2.5 weeks. Caught a cold today too. Wanted to sleep early but my fucking ipad is about to die though it’s less than a year old. No choice, i had to transfer out photos i downloaded via the ipad to my laptop. Guess what? No such fucking option. […]

Bloody slackers! Website says they close at 1230 on Sat but when i reached at 1218, the shutters were down! Bloody hell. What’s the point of publishing your opening hours on your website if you’re not going to observe them anyway? I hate it when people give inaccurate information. As brokers, even on occasions when […]


Everytime it rains, ants take shelter in my toilet and they don’t leave even when the rain stops. So annoying. I hate ants. I hate cockroaches. I hate all sorts of bugs. Argh!

Bringing Others Down

So the hot topic today is how our ministers’ salaries will be cut. I’m quite indifferent about it. After all, bringing down their salaries isn’t going to increase mine right? If people feel they’re earning too little, then they should focus on finding ways to increase their income, be it find a new job or […]

I don’t mind checking the work of my subordinates (in fact, I’m more than happy to do so). I don’t mind helping my boss prepare or check through presentation slides or tender reports because that’s part of my job. But it irks me when I have to ALWAYS help another colleague, who’s supposed to be […]


English has been the official language in Singapore for the past 3-4 decades. It is also the primary language used in schools. It thus puzzles me when Singaporeans around my age cannot seem to handle the language. An underwriter I’ve been dealing with recently has made the most atrocious mistakes ever!! Here’re some examples of […]

Slipshod Work

I was told by a trade credit underwriter today to ignore a list of typos i found in the policy cos they don’t affect the policy’s coverage, terms and conditions. As this policy was not placed by me, i left it to the relationship manager to decide whether to insist on correcting the mistakes or […]

Insult to my Intelligence

I met a Nigerian Australian scammer today, whose plot was so paper thin, I felt it was real insult to my intelligence.  So this old man turns up without appointment at my office and said he was looking for an insurance bond.  Our receptionist sent a management trainee from our Business Development team to speak […]

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