Facebook is really a Piece of Shit

It’s really damn frustrating how Facebook keeps changing their privacy settings.  In the past, I disabled the option of letting friends check me into places/ locations.  But the farked up FB now allows it automatically & I cannot remove this option.  What’s the point of allowing me to set a certain privacy setting only to have it removed at FB’s whim & fancy?  Pissed off.

I Hate Dishonest Merchants!

Really damn angry during dinner just now. Had yong tau fu at the NTUC operated, Foodfare food court at Simei. I wasn’t hungry so i took the minimum 6 pieces of yong tau fu. The PRC staff shortchanged me and had the audacity to insist i took 7 pieces.

My mental sums is very poor so i often get cheated when it comes to money but come on man. I can bloody count 6 pieces of food! So i insisted on recounting the stuff i took. Soon after, another PRC worker appeared and joined in the argument. The 2nd lady, without knowing head or tail, also insisted i took 7 pieces of food! Wtf man. And they acted damn well. 一唱一合。Wah lau eh. Really made my blood boil. I may be sick but I’m not stupid. I didn’t care there was another woman behind me. I stood there and recounted about 10x till the 2 bitches admitted defeat. Tsk. Don’t understand what do they get by cheating my money. Not as though they own the stall!

My mom said it’s quite common for yong tau fu stalls to miscount items. The strange thing is, when you order more food, they can count properly. Only when you order the minimum then the errors appear. Pui! I hate dishonest people.

Fucking Pissed Off

I’ve had sore throat & cough for 2.5 weeks. Caught a cold today too. Wanted to sleep early but my fucking ipad is about to die though it’s less than a year old. No choice, i had to transfer out photos i downloaded via the ipad to my laptop. Guess what? No such fucking option. Spent 1.5hr and managed to get MOST but not all the photos out. Had to check through 200 plus photos one by one to see which could not be transferred. It’s now 1.30am and I’m fucking pissed off and bloody exhausted. Argh. The one and only good thing about the ipad is its battery life.

Shenton Medical at International Plaza

Bloody slackers! Website says they close at 1230 on Sat but when i reached at 1218, the shutters were down! Bloody hell. What’s the point of publishing your opening hours on your website if you’re not going to observe them anyway? I hate it when people give inaccurate information.

As brokers, even on occasions when our office closes early, it’s always subject to exigencies of service! I’m utterly disappointed with Shenton! And if that woman i saw while coming out of the lift was the doc? I hope she falls into a puddle of mud and catches pneumonia!

Bringing Others Down

So the hot topic today is how our ministers’ salaries will be cut. I’m quite indifferent about it. After all, bringing down their salaries isn’t going to increase mine right? If people feel they’re earning too little, then they should focus on finding ways to increase their income, be it find a new job or take on a side line. Heck. If u’re good enough, go be a minister & u can earn that high salary too.

I read that a politician from an opposition party said that the new politician is not money motivated. Really? I think the old guards are not money motivated. Fighting for independence from British rule is driven by an idealism & belief that we should have the right to govern our own nation. Politicians these days? Would top brass from the private sector join politics if their remuneration was pegged to the bottom 20% of wage earners? Come on man. Get real please.

Helping People Who Don’t Help Themselves

I don’t mind checking the work of my subordinates (in fact, I’m more than happy to do so). I don’t mind helping my boss prepare or check through presentation slides or tender reports because that’s part of my job. But it irks me when I have to ALWAYS help another colleague, who’s supposed to be the head of another team, check through her work – again & again. The worst thing is that whenever I do so, I can tell that not much care has gone into the work ‘cos it’s so slipshod. The occassional careless mistakes is fine. But when I go “WTF” on each & every single presentation slide? Come on man! Surely the quality of the work could have been better? And it irks me even further when while I’m “WTFing” her slides, she would have gone home ‘cos she firmly believes in “work life balance”. Seriously. WTF.


English has been the official language in Singapore for the past 3-4 decades. It is also the primary language used in schools. It thus puzzles me when Singaporeans around my age cannot seem to handle the language.

An underwriter I’ve been dealing with recently has made the most atrocious mistakes ever!! Here’re some examples of the horrendous English I’ve had to read recently.

1. “As adviced to the policyholder…”
Is it that difficult to differentiate ‘advice’ and ‘advised’?

2. “We seek your upmost help to provide updates timely”
I had to read that sentence like 10 times. “Upmost”? “Updates timely”? What the hell…

3. “After weighting all information on hand…”
Weighting information?!?

4. “As highlighted to you previously, we would like to empathised herein again”
Glad to know the underwriter has so much love and empathy…

*Rolls eyes*

Slipshod Work

I was told by a trade credit underwriter today to ignore a list of typos i found in the policy cos they don’t affect the policy’s coverage, terms and conditions. As this policy was not placed by me, i left it to the relationship manager to decide whether to insist on correcting the mistakes or not.

That said, I’m not too pleased with this attitude and mindset. Sure, i know we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff. But a policy document is a legal contract. Shouldn’t errors be rectified? Do we let mistakes slip by juz cos the client’s first language isn’t English and thus they may not notice?

I don’t think I’m being difficult cos these were errors i spotted on FIRST reading. I wasn’t even paying any special attention but the errors jumped out at me. If i read the policy a second time and focused on spotting errors, I’m sure I’ll find dozens more.

I’m really struggling to accept this sort of slipshod work. I am not pleased.

Insult to my Intelligence

I met a Nigerian Australian scammer today, whose plot was so paper thin, I felt it was real insult to my intelligence.  So this old man turns up without appointment at my office and said he was looking for an insurance bond.  Our receptionist sent a management trainee from our Business Development team to speak to him, and mgt trainee in turn called me to join them in the meeting room.

Mr Scammer showed me a letter that says he’s representing a public construction company from Australia, to look for a “good country overseas, with favourable tax laws & ‘of course it’s all legal’, to set up a new company so as to do many more projects and business”.  His search brought him to Singapore.  In order to raise capital for this new company, he would like to find a Standard & Poor’s rated ‘A’ or similar Moody’s rated insurance company, to issue a payment obligation guarantee, that this new company has the ability to repay USD200mil worth of financing, at the end of the 10-year bullet maturity date.

Focusing all my energies on not rolling my eyes at Mr Scammer, I told him that this structure was not possible because insurers can only issue performance bonds, and not financial guarantees.  Moreover, even if insurers could support this structure, there’s no way any one was going to issue this sort of bond for a company with no financials.

Mr Scammer would not give up.  Insisted that he’s done this sort of structure many times before with insurers such as Prudential in USA , Zurich in Switzerland, Lloyd’s in London, etc.  He said the only reason he is approaching us in Singapore is because he’s from Australia and he’s here in Singapore now and so he felt that this was good business for us to earn.  He even had the audacity to add that the credit standing of the company was “irrelevant”.

Irrelevant?  What the heck!  When you go to a bank to borrow money, is your credit worthiness “irrelevant”???

Once again, I reiterated that insurers do NOT issue financial guarantees.  Trying to find a more polite way to tell him to get lost, I asked if he has tried approaching the local banks to lend him money (which obviously would not be possible).  He said he did but they refused as they were “unable to think out of the box”.  So I repeated myself.  Insurers do not issue financial guarantees.  Gosh.  I must have said that line like 20 times.  I could sense his frustration but Mr Scammer would not leave!

He tried to take the high & mighty route and said that it’s a pity that this is good money but our insurers do not want to earn it.  He said he could not think why an insurer would not be willing to take the USD90 mil his company would pay, in exchange for a guarantee that they will be able to repay USD220 mil in 10 years.  Good grief.  I didn’t know to give him credit for re-working the Nigerian lottery scam story, or to feel even more insulted that he thinks I’m gullible enough to buy the story.

So I used this line that all insurers use when they want to decline a risk – “I’m sorry we could not be of more help”. 

I think I must have said that 5 times… and repeated the line about “insurers cannot issue financial guarantees” another 10 times… before Mr Scammer finally gave up & left our office.

After he left, the management trainee showed me his name card.  I only have one phrase in Hokkien to describe it – WAH LAU EH.

The name card was printed out this dull gold paper (the sort I used to use to make greeting cards with when I was in secondary school) and everything was typed in this cursive font:

“JTown Capital Limited

Mr J Molley

j.molley@gmail.com.au/ j.h.molley@yahoo.com.au

Goodness gracious.  Couldn’t he at least spend some money to print a more presentable name card?  And “gmail.com.au”?  Aiyoh… since when got this domain name? 

I forgot to mention that the letter he showed me was also typed in this super old English.  Totally not a writing style of this century.

While recounting the incident to Iceman, a thought came to me – maybe this guy is some old-time scammer who was just released from prison after 20 years or so.  Hence his old style of writing, crappy presentation & obvious lack of IT knowledge.

Whatever the case, I really think he needs to work on his con job skills.  He definitely won’t be seeing USD220 mil from any one at this rate!