Random Photos – Jan 2010

Here’re some random photos I took in Jan 2010.


My wedding band and engagement ring.  I was testing the macro mode of the Nokia X6’s camera and I must say I was impressed!



There’s this Ipoh Hor Fun place at Maxwell Chambers.  I can’t remember the name now – the business card’s in office – Weng Kee or something like that.  It’s pretty good.  The horfun’s smooth and very thin.  Delicious!



There’s this Korean coffee place at Icon Village called Tom N Tom’s.  The decor’s really nice but I thought the coffee was so-so only.  Maybe more aromatic than Starbucks but nothing to really shout about.



My new (above) and old (below) handphone straps.



For some reason, someone thought it was a great idea to celebrate Upsize’s birthday.  This is my 3rd year with the company and the first time it has happened.  I wonder if the fact we did our appraisals earlier this year, thus coinciding with Upsize’s birthday, had anything to do with it.


23012010197 23012010195

My dad decided to get a new dining table so the set above has been given away.  Sigh.  I miss it.  This dining set was bought by my parents even before I was born!



Saw this at Ikea last week.  “Property of Coca Cola”.  I just thought it was interesting.

Weekend in Pictures

Snapped these pics over the weekend (using the SE T707’s 3.2MP camera).


Had brunch from this stall at Old Airport Food Centre (at Kallang).  Fantastic.  Best prawn-bak kut teh I’ve ever tried.



Was waiting for Iceman to get his pants altered at G2000. I thought this woman’s dressing was really weird… macam wearing pyjamas out… and it really wasn’t flattering on her hips.



These looked like the Aldo shoes that I was “bioing” previously.. but they didn’t look very nice on my feet when I tried them on so it was a no go.



Iceman showed me this headlines from ’The Star’ (some M’sian papers/tabloid).  I was REALLY tickled by the headlines…

Clearing Pics on 13 May 2009

Clearing pics from the digicam, I found these…


 P1020404 P1020405P1020406

MC finds it necessary to be suitably clothed


P1020410  P1020409 P1020408

New slippers bought from Esprit.  I’m absolutely delighted with them!  This is the first pair of slippers in my life (as far as I can recall) that doesn’t fall of when I lift my feet off the ground!  I love the colours too!



MC disturbing Iceman.  Hehe.

Random Pics – Apr 2009


Finally got a keyboard at work so I don’t have to type using the laptop keyboard.  Love the shortcuts buttons on the top.



This keyboard is also quite idiot proof… would be really useful for people who are not familiar with shortcuts (see the green letters telling you all the shortcuts?).  Hehe.



Booze Queen got her friend to buy this preserved Yuzi snack from Japan.  It’s really yummy… and it leaves the tongue feeling a little numbish.



My latest pair of slippers.  From M)phosis.  They’re quite comfy and I love the way they look… except I still can’t walk very fast in them.  There’s a mild threat of them flying off my feet…

Random Photos – Mar 2009


Make sure you know how a restaurant celebrates birthdays before you go there…



Alcoholic buaya spotted @ Marina Square



Was clearing out my desk when I found this super old mouse pad!  The UOB mini card was good for partying ‘cos it fitted discreetly into my jeans pocket.  Being relatively small, there was also a lower chance of it getting bent while salsa-ing.  I liked it.



I was so impressed with Scholl’s gel plaster, how inconspicuous it is, how soft, I just had to take a photo of it!



Here’s a pic of Pinky looking very discreet and inconspicuous too… he was literally digging into a bag of hay….



Pinky looks absolutely adorable when he places his front paws on his play box.  The photo was taken when he was cleaning himself so he’s kinda blurry.  Horlicks was staring right into the camera though.



Another shot of Pinky grooming.  🙂



This is completely unrelated to the above post.  I read in the papers over the weekend that there was a bit of a hooha in online forums over Joanne Peh’s bra size.  She apparently claims to be a D-cup and said that her cup size increases by 1 whole cup when she’s having a period.  Docs have debunked that to be highly unlikely.

There’s this old Ch 8 show on TV now and… she looks damn flat to me leh.  How to be D-cup?  A-cup more like it man… but I suppose there could be other ways of increasing your cup size…

More Random Photos – Jan 2009









Horlicks wants everyone to know, she’s truly busty.










What the heck is “the only healthier choice”??  If it’s the only choice, then it can’t be “healthier” right?  Since there’s nothing to compare it with?  Perhaps the company meant “the only healthful choice”?  *Rolls eyes*.










Strange things wave to welcome me home sometimes… oh wait.. maybe my parents were just drying the oven mittens…










The colours are a little dark in the pic (or it could just be my old Sony Trinitron CRT monitor)… anyway, I got my nails painted a medium-light purple and I came home and painted 2 lines of glitter.  Heh.  Was pleased with the results on my left hand… but I couldn’t really get the lines straight on my right hand.  Sigh.










Anyway, it’s the last day of the year of the Rat.  Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year.  May you have a smooth sailing year ahead.  🙂

Random Photos – Nov & Dec 2008




When one cannot decide to poop or sleep.









MC eyes my Awfully Chocolate cake!









Strange find in a multi-storey carpark… (forgot which though).








Upsize’s meal from Sun with Moon Restaurant at Wheelock Place.  I just thought the hourglass was cool!










Having a good time with great company at Balaclava on Boxing Day.







Here’s a clearer, thus small pic.  😛




Loads of random pics.  🙂