Married Life?

There’s one question that I get posed quite often – “how’s married life?”.  I seriously don’t know what sort of answers these people are expecting.  I mean, married or not, life goes on right?  I don’t think a couple’s life will have any major adjustments till a kid comes along – and for the record, I still find kids very dirty and unhygienic.

While in the shower tonight, I thought about this question “how’s married life” again, after an ex-colleague sent an sms asking me earlier this evening.  I guess there’ll always be some quirks that need adjusting to but that’s about it.  The quirks can be quite funny though!

For example, I have an obsession with keeping the bedroom doors closed.  This is because I switch on the aircon every night and thus I’m very paranoid about leaking the cool air out.  I also worry about condensation forming on the airconditioning unit and therefore I keep my bedroom doors shut even after the aircon is switched off.  Lastly, I recall my dad’s teaching that if you can keep the cool air in the room as much as possible, the next time you switch on the aircon, it wouldn’t have to work so hard to cool down the room, thus saving energy.

Iceman, however, having been used to not sleeping in an airconditioned room, tends to leave the doors ajar sometimes.  Sometimes it’s ‘cos he’s only going out of the bedroom to get something, sometimes the door just didn’t get shut tight.  As a result, I always end up closing all the doors (i.e. our 2 bedroom doors & 1 toilet door) that I find open.  I found this troublesome initially but have concluded that since I’m the one with the obsession, I should be the one taking action.

Iceman’s quirk relates to electricity usage.  He likes to switch off the mains of our TV, Mio player, Starhub box, broadband modem, etc.  His reasoning is that this helps avoid vampire electricity usage and thus saves on electrical bills.  While I totally agree that cutting down the electricity bill is good, I find it too troublesome to switch off and on these mains on a daily basis because we use these appliances every day!  Anyway, Iceman doesn’t bug me about switching the mains off and he does it so I guess that works out ok too.

Heh. So that’s the main adjustments I guess… nothing major.. just kind of amusing.  🙂

Wedding Actual Day Montage

The photos from the actual wedding aren’t ready yet but our photographer, Lightbox Productions, helped burn a CD of the photos he used in the montage that was played during our wedding dinner.  Here’re some selected shots.  🙂



Iceman came with his merry band of brothers to “pick the bride” on 1 Aug 2009.


 BS004 BS005

I liked the shot of the brushes… so arty farty 😛


 BS006 BS007

My gown (from French Bridal) & shoes (from Leapin’ Lizards)


 BS008 BS010

The veil and a pic of MC watching the day’s proceedings


  BS015 BS017

Preparing the brothers’ “breakfast”…


BS016 BS018

So kind of the jiemeis right?



The kind sisters


 BS024 BS025

The veil goes on


 BS027 BS028

Iceman arrives


 BS030 BS031

The groom, his brothers and a basket of fruits


BS033 BS032

The guys attempting to imitate a rabbit


 BS036 BS037

The guys’ dancing had the sisters laughing hard


BS039 BS038

The brothers enjoying the breakfast


 BS041 BS048

My dad asking for an angbao too!  Hahahaha…


 BS051 BS052

Everyone’s favourite bridal car…


 BS059 BS060

Homemade tangyuan



I thought the orchids were quite unusual.  Cute tea set eh?


 BS065 BS068

Serving tea to both sets of parents.  My mom complained about the photo ‘cos her mouth was opened very big.. hahaha.


 BS069 BS070 BS071

Family photos… now if only we didn’t have to return the car…

Selected Shots from French Bridal

We picked 40 photos from French Bridal to go into the pre-wedding album.  Sadly, I kinda liked the photos better before the editing was done…

Anyway, here’s a sample of the photos for friends who don’t have a Facebook a/c.  For those who have, I’ve uploaded all 40 onto FB.

 IMG_2005 IMG_2128


IMG_2104 IMG_1923


 IMG_3691 IMG_3725


 IMG_3763 IMG_3771


 IMG_3782 IMG_3785


IMG_3821 IMG_3800


 IMG_3909 copy IMG_3884


Sigh.  Regret not telling French Bridal to give me the soft copy of the unedited photos…

Thinking Aloud

I think I really like these songs. 

Jack Johnson – Do You Remember


Photo montage song?


Jason Mraz – Lucky


2nd photo montage song?


Daniel Ho – For Eternity


Solemnisation march-in song?


Jack Johnson – Better Together


Dinner march-in song?


Michael Buble – Feeling Good


2nd dinner march-in song?

you get what you give

i sent out a 2nd round of sms-es today to people who have not replied to my 1st round of sms wedding invitation.  some came back and said yes, others said they couldn’t make it ‘cos they won’t be in Singapore.  some also said they will get back to me later ‘cos they are still waiting for their travel schedules.  looking at the guest list, i must admit that i was rather disappointed that some of my NTU friends are unable to make it.  but being internal auditors, i know they travel quite a bit and so they won’t be around. 

on the other hand, i noted with great gladness, that some really old friends that i used to hang out with are coming.  i was pleasantly surprised at the speed of their replies.  some old old friends from TPJC, some of the first batch of Singnet colleagues i worked with, ex-Frankelites who have since gone to other churches and 2 NTU friends who said “yes”, despite knowing that they will not know anyone else at the wedding. 

i guess what saddens me most is that the group of people that i am supposed to have the most support from, support, i do not have.  for whatever reasons there may be, i suppose the bottom line is that i haven’t invested much time with these friends in recent years.  i’m starting to believe that even in friendships, it’s better to be hot (close friends) or cold (whereby the friendship can be revived), than lukewarm (where you’re neither coming nor going).

but it’s ok.  everything can be worked out.  i just need to tap other sources of help.  i haven’t asked the intern to do anything for some time now… muahahaha *evil laugh*.

Your Ears, My Feet

Argh.. sleepy sleepy.  Was dilly dallying last night and ended up sleeping at 2:10am.  Thank goodness I ironed 4 dresses on Sun so my work attire from Mon – Thurs is settled.

Went to the tailor during lunch & dropped off the lining for the gown.  Decided to stop by International Plaza since I was in the area.  In the end, I decided to get the pair of silver diamante shoes I was eyeing the past month for the wedding.  At $190, they’re expensive, no doubt about that, but the shoes will be custom made to fit my feet, which according to the owner of the shop, is a size 8 length & size 6 width.  I suppose you can see why no off the rack shoes fit me comfortably.

I snapped a pic of the shoes discreetly ‘cos the owner was serving other people (the shop was very crowded) and I didn’t have the opportunity to ask if I could take a photo (which I felt was ok since I already paid for a pair!!).


It’s the one in the middle… very simple design, and I had it made in silver.  I figured it will be good not to have to bother with buckles & hooks since the bridal gown’s long & heavy & I don’t want to have to lift up the can-can just to wear the shoes.  Very unglam.

Iceman and I also bought the “Jazz in the City 2” album from That CD Shop over the weekend to be played as background music during the dinner.


Disc One –
1. Aselin Debison – Over The Rainbow/ What A Wonderful World (Medley)
2. Lisa Ekdahl – Rivers Of Love
3. The Peter Malick Group feat. Norah Jones – Heart Of Mine
4. Johnny Mathis – The Rainbow Connection
5. Carly Simon – I Only Have Eyes For You
6. Renee Olstead – A Love That Will Last
7. Everything But The Girl – Almost Blue
8. Julia Fordham – Lovin’ You
9. Basia – Waters Of March
10. K.D. Lang – After The Gold
11. Luther Vandross – What The World Needs Now
12. Diana Krall – I Remember You
13. Will Young – What’s In Goodbye
14. Cyndi Lauper – My Baby Just Cares For Me
15. Peter White – Fantasy
16. Chris Botti -The Look Of Love
17. Tony Bennett & K.D.Lang – La Vie En Rose

Disc Two –
1. Michael Buble – Feeling Good
2. Norah Jones – What Am I To You?
3. Rosa Passos – Besame Mucho
4. Westlife – Fly Me To The Moon
5. Keiko Lee – Night & Day
6. Sinead O’Connor – I Want To Be Loved By You
7. Alison Moyet – That Ole Devil Called Love
8. Jane Monheit – Do I Love You?
9. Bette Midler – Big Spender
10. Eliane Elias – So Nice (Samba de Verao)
11. Michael Bolton – When A Man Loves A Woman
12. Neville Brothers – Bird On A Wire
13. Annie Lennox – A Whiter Shade Of Pale
14. Rick Astley – And I Love You So
15. John Pizzarelli – Unforgettable
16. Martina McBride – True Love Ways
17. George Benson – The Greatest Love Of All


*Yawn*.  Okie… time to start working again… zzz…