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Maybe Not This Day

Sigh… “This Day” may be a little too slow… thinking about this song instead… True love ways – Martina McBride   Dilemma dilemma!

La vie en rose – Tony Bennett & KD Lang   Feeling good – Michael Buble (To start at 00:48 onwards). Can’t decide!!

This Day (Point of Grace)

Slept really late last night ‘cos I was trying to find songs suitable for the march-in.  In the end, I thought of This Day by Point of Grace for the solemnisation march-in, La Vie En Rose for the 1st march-in during the dinner… and maybe Feeling Good by Michael Buble for the 2nd? Here’s how […]

Hyatt Food Tasting

Had our food tasting session at Hyatt tonight.  The hotel did as close a mock up as they possibly could to the actual dinner.  Once we came up the escalator, we were greeted with a signboard that said, “Vanda Room 1, Private Dinner of ‘Iceman’ & ‘UptownGal’.  Similar signboards pointed the way to the dinner […]

Another Ring

This is the other ring that my parents gave me for the wedding.  My mom also bought another pair of pearl earrings last Sat.  Will take a pic when it’s ready!  (Customised the design a little).  🙂

More than Meets the Eye

Got these as presents from my parents for the wedding.  My mom says it’s considered my dowry.  Whatever… doesn’t matter what you call it… hehehe.  The dangling part of the earrings can be removed if I only want to wear the studs.  Totally cool!  Transformer earrings!  And there ain’t no decepticons in there! P.S. Bought […]

Birthday Weekend

Wasn’t much of a birthday weekend since I only celebrated my birthday with 2 close gal pals and Iceman.  Main focus of this weekend was going for NTU Buddy’s wedding dinner and selecting photos from French Bridal to go into the wedding album.  I initially thought I might choose an additional 15 pics but Iceman […]

Outdoor Shoot Preview (v3)

Blame it on my OCD nature but once I decided to touch up the photos, I couldn’t stop till I got them right (or at least as “right” as I could).  So this is the 3rd time I’m reposting the photos.  Realised I used too many “dark edges” effect in version 2 of this post.. […]

Indoor Shoot Album

View Full Album As usual… for those on my MSN contact list… In conclusion: 1. I conclude that if a person’s style is slanted towards the “Taiwanese” cheena way, it’s next to impossible to change it… 2. I’m overall happy with the hairdos of the indoor shoot… though they’re leaning towards the cheena side, I’m […]

Indoor Photoshoot

Didn’t get to do the outdoor shoot today because of the rain.  *Sniff*.  Will be going for the outdoor shoot next Tue… and will need to top up $100.  Anyway, the MUA from French Bridal, Jinyan, does makeup very well… but… her way of doing hairdos… aiyoh… damn cheena.  Whatever you see here… trust me… […]

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