This Day (Point of Grace)

Slept really late last night ‘cos I was trying to find songs suitable for the march-in.  In the end, I thought of This Day by Point of Grace for the solemnisation march-in, La Vie En Rose for the 1st march-in during the dinner… and maybe Feeling Good by Michael Buble for the 2nd?

Here’s how This Day goes…

This Day – Point of Grace

Haven’t had the chance to discuss with Iceman though… so there still might be some adjustments.  Heh.

Hyatt Food Tasting

Had our food tasting session at Hyatt tonight.  The hotel did as close a mock up as they possibly could to the actual dinner.  Once we came up the escalator, we were greeted with a signboard that said, “Vanda Room 1, Private Dinner of ‘Iceman’ & ‘UptownGal’.  Similar signboards pointed the way to the dinner on the 3rd floor (as they will on the actual day).  There was a captain and 2 waitresses attending to us so the service was of course impeccable.  The food was more good than bad… pictures below.  🙂

P1020520 P1020518

Left: How the normal guest table will look

Right: How the VIP table will look



The wedding cake.



Deep-fried Prawn in Yam, Grilled Japanese Eel on Garden Green, Tom Yam Maki Roll, Seaweed Chicken Roll with Bak Kuah and Marinated Soya Topshell with Sesame Sauce.  (I personally loved the prawn in yam and the seaweed chicken roll!  The rest were so-so.  Nothing to shout about.)



Shredded Seafood Thick Soup with Conpoy and Enoki Mushrooms (other ingredients include fresh scallops, shredded abalone, prawns, and lots of crab meat).  No shark’s fin soup as Iceman is against the killing of sharks.


 P1020531 P1020533

Canton Roasted Chicken with Walnut Topping (My favourite dish of the night, not counting dessert.  The skin was really thin & roasted to the most delicate crisp.  Fantastic!  Someone commented that the texture of the chicken skin tasted like suckling pig skin.)


P1020534 P1020537

Steamed Live Garoupa with Superior Soya Sauce.  (Huge fish!  Was slightly overcooked though.  Not up to scratch).


 P1020538 P1020539

Braised Sliced Abalone with Shiitake Mushroom.  (Another yummy dish.  The mushrooms were cooked just right, a little “springy” when bitten, not tough (a sign of being undercooked) nor soft (overcooked).  The abalone slices were excellent too.  Not rubbery at all.  Liked this dish too.)


P1020540 P1020543

Sautéed Scallop with Asparagus served in Cheese Basket.  (The cheese basket itself sucked.  Tasteless & hard.  Served no other purpose apart from making the presentation of the dish look good.  The scallops were nice & “crunchy” and I liked the asparagus.)


 P1020544 P1020547 

Steamed Crab Claw on Zucchini, Fungus with Dried Shrimp Sauce.  (Very interesting fusion dish but the gravy wasn’t distinct enough for me – as in I like flavours that are distinctly spicy/ sour/ sweet.  The crab claw was tasty though.)


P1020548 P1020549

Sweet Yam Paste with Ginkgo Nut in Coconut Pumpkin Sauce.  (This was super delicious!  Instead of having pieces of cut pumpkin, the pumpkin was made into a smooth sauce.  The entire dessert was smooth, not over sweet, not oily, simply heavenly!)

If you’re attending the wedding, I hope you enjoy the food.

P.S. There was also a Wok-fried Korean Glass Noodle with Rice Vermicelli but I was too lazy to take photos of it.  Heh. It was good though.  🙂

More than Meets the Eye


Got these as presents from my parents for the wedding.  My mom says it’s considered my dowry.  Whatever… doesn’t matter what you call it… hehehe.  The dangling part of the earrings can be removed if I only want to wear the studs.  Totally cool!  Transformer earrings!  And there ain’t no decepticons in there!

P.S. Bought from J.S. Jewellery at People’s Park Complex.  The bracelet & necklace was customised from existing designs.  🙂

P.P.S Oops… there’s another ring but I forgot to include it in the photo… and my digicam batt is charging now… will have to take photo another day…

Birthday Weekend

Wasn’t much of a birthday weekend since I only celebrated my birthday with 2 close gal pals and Iceman.  Main focus of this weekend was going for NTU Buddy’s wedding dinner and selecting photos from French Bridal to go into the wedding album.  I initially thought I might choose an additional 15 pics but Iceman and I were conservative in our selection so only 10 additional pics were chosen.  Not that it came cheap… the 10 photos cost us an additional $700.

Was looking through my cousin’s wedding album on Facebook and I noted a distinct difference in Iceman and my selection with… probably what I’ve seen in other people’s wedding albums so far.  Iceman and I didn’t choose any duplicated backdrops in our photos.  For e.g. if we had a series of photos taken with a swing, we would choose the nicest pic with the swing, and then move on to the next shot.  I sure hope I won’t regret this but when we were choosing the pics, I strongly felt that it would make the album more interesting if there was something different with each pic – be it a different gown, or different venue, or different prop (e.g. chair / bouquet / bunnies – ah yes.  One of the selected shots had Patience & MC in it).

Iceman also pointed out that the comedic/impromptu shots taken by Azure could be included in our photo montage and I’m quite likely to go for this.  Hehe… my ah lian pose, sticking tongue out pose, slipper pose and the the arty farty “blurred bouquet” pic.  Heh.

Anyway, time to sleep.  It’s going to be a busy week ahead with a tender proposal due on 22 May.  Bleah.  Wedding prep can be fun, albeit tiring!

Outdoor Shoot Preview (v3)

Blame it on my OCD nature but once I decided to touch up the photos, I couldn’t stop till I got them right (or at least as “right” as I could).  So this is the 3rd time I’m reposting the photos.  Realised I used too many “dark edges” effect in version 2 of this post.. so I redid all the photos.  This time, I also correct the contrast, lighting, colour and saturation of the pics, and rendered some lighting effect where I thought might be nice.  Of course, there was the usual cropping to remove the actual photographer’s arm/bag/flash, pillars, etc.

 IMG_1061 IMG_1073   

L: Getting ready

R: Azure testing the borrowed DSLR


 IMG_1102 IMG_1115 IMG_1120

L: Iceman looks like he’s enjoying himself.


 IMG_1124 IMG_1150 

Behind the scenes


IMG_1179 IMG_1176 

L: Doing funny faces while Iceman discusses serious stuff with the photographer.


IMG_1177 (2)

Testing a black & white pic…


 IMG_1220 IMG_1234

R: Horsing around


IMG_1237 IMG_1248 IMG_1267

R: Chatting between shots


 IMG_1348 IMG_1357 IMG_1398

L: Being cheeky while Iceman stares… at the time?


 IMG_1406  IMG_1442

L: Killing ants… the owner of the beetle should thank me.



L: My trusty slippers!  Wouldn’t have survived the day w/o them


 IMG_1467 IMG_1476

L: Hot… humid…


IMG_1525IMG_1542 IMG_1574 

L: Am v.proud of this photo ‘cos the colour was originally kinda bluish/greyish but I managed to correct it.  Yes, yes, no big deal for some but a big deal for my 3rd photoshop attempt.


 IMG_1582 IMG_1587

L: The ah lian pose is actually quite relaxing


IMG_1606  IMG_1628 IMG_1639

L: Our “kelong equivalent” location


IMG_1646 IMG_1645

R: Sigh.  My upper arm is too fat for my lower arm.  🙁


 IMG_1649 IMG_1659

Pseudo-romantic poses


 IMG_1668 IMG_1671


More and bigger photos (w/o the watermark) on Facebook!

Indoor Shoot Album

As usual… for those on my MSN contact list…

In conclusion:

1. I conclude that if a person’s style is slanted towards the “Taiwanese” cheena way, it’s next to impossible to change it…

2. I’m overall happy with the hairdos of the indoor shoot… though they’re leaning towards the cheena side, I’m glad the 4 looks are vastly different. 

3. Seems like when I did a survey of the looks… most didn’t notice the white ribbon… they were focused elsewhere… hahahaha.  That’s a huge consolation.  HAHAHAHA.

Indoor Photoshoot

Didn’t get to do the outdoor shoot today because of the rain.  *Sniff*.  Will be going for the outdoor shoot next Tue… and will need to top up $100.  Anyway, the MUA from French Bridal, Jinyan, does makeup very well… but… her way of doing hairdos… aiyoh… damn cheena.  Whatever you see here… trust me… I already got her to tone down as much as possible… I nearly ended up with feathers in my hair!


Affable Muah Chee & Patience came along for the photoshoot.


 P1020314 P1020315 P1020316

The front looked ok… the right side looked ok but the left side… arghhhh!!!!  I can’t stand the ribbon! 


P1020324 P1020319 

This was really really cheena… but since it’s matched with a cheongsam.. ok lah.. just go along with the look.


P1020326 P1020325

*Pretends I’m in ‘In the Mood for Love’…



Iceman getting ready.  Looks good ya?  Confirm not cheena… hahaha.


 P1020332 P1020334 P1020336

Front and back of the additional gown I chose yesterday for the shoot.  Can see the pins at the back holding up my dress?  Hahaha.  Ok… this “curry pok” hairdo really doesn’t suit me… but this modernised beehive look is so popular nowadays, I just had to try lah.  The MUA wanted to put some huge fake diamond accessory on my hair but I refused… ended up using this tiny tiara borrowed from Booze Queen as a clip on the side of my head… right side… but not viewable from the photos I took above.  😛

Discussed with the MUA.  For the outdoor shoot, I’ll do the same back as the curry pok hair… but the front will be combed to the side… no more curry pok… Hahahaha.

Forgot to take photos of Iceman and me in the traditional pao and kua… will have to wait till the photos are ready… I can’t really remember what my hair looked like… think it was some braids on the sides, tied back in a bun and some entrails down the side… oh and of course… a red ruby accessory on the side too.  CHEENA!!!!!

Eve of Photoshoot

Did my nails today at Booze Queen’s usual manicure place, Fave Nails.  Am pretty satisfied with them.  Did nail art for fingers and a traditional French pedicure for my feet.

270420091093 270420091082

Also went to French Bridal to do the final fitting for my evening gown.  Do you think I should get more beading / lace sewn on it?

270420091087 270420091090

Oops… just realised the photos are a little blur.  My hands were trembling when I was taking the photos.  Paiseh.

And my happiest haul of the day was to find this gown for the photoshoot!  This will replace the gold cheongsam and the navy blue tube. Heh.  The green’s brighter in real life and I’m happy that it doesn’t have a “pong pong” skirt” and it’s a nice light mint green.  😀


Sigh… if only I could get someone to tag long to help take photos.  *Sniff*.