I just installed a new plugin called LinkWithin.  It’s supposed to recommended related posts under each blog entry.  The recommendations don’t seem very accurate – but a note on the site mentioned that it’ll get better once Linkwithin has the chance to trawl through the blog and this may take a few hours.

So… let’s see how it goes.  If you think it’s really bad, let me know… and I’ll consider removing it.

Side note – my webmaster as well as 2 friends (Booze Queen & Piano Player) mentioned to me that my blog may be inaccessible at times.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Blog Theme

As can be seen, I changed my blog theme again.  Heh.  Was sick of it looking light & sweet.  This bunny theme is probably the most original theme I have… it’s based on the kubrick / k2 template, but I amended the banner pic to one of my bunnies, and I amended the colours of the fonts on the page too.  Yeap… that’s the extent of my coding knowledge – changing colours & pics. 

Saw on Yibi’s facebook status today that “life eventually becomes a washing machine”.  I guess my blog themes work that way too. 

Malicious WordPress Themes

Remember how I used to complain about unauthorised links being added in my blogroll without my permission?  And how my site got hacked repeatedly despite my strong password?  The answer dawned on me after I saw that one of the sites where I downloaded some WP themes from, ‘’, was inserted into my blogroll without my knowledge.

It had never occurred to me before that there could be “backdoor” codes in my WP themes that compromised my blog’s security integrity.  Sigh… these despicable hackers!  I hate you assholes!  May your computers crash with every use of the spacebar!  (Ok, that was completely random).

Anyway, I did a bit of research online and found this plug-in that helps scan WP themes for malicious codes.  I did a scan and this was what it showed:


This fantastic plug-in also indicates which file the suspicious code is in.  Going through the list, I removed all the suspicious codes from the respective files.  I also checked all the static links to make sure they didn’t belong to any unsavoury sites and am glad to report that – I have a wholesome blog once again.  Yay!

A lot of the themes that had malicious codes in them were from, which up till this morning I thought was great a great site because of their unique themes and helpful administrators.  Remember I had that line spacing problem with my current theme?  I e-mailed themejunction last night and they actually helped tweaked the codes for me.  At first I was impressed by their helpfulness… given that this is a free site after all.  Now, I’m wondering if there was a more sinister motive behind their apparent kindness.

But it doesn’t matter ‘cos I’m using the revised theme, and I cleaned up the malicious codes.  Muahahahaha….

I don’t know what I did!

Last night, I tried what Kelwin taught previously in order to add a line spacing between the paragraphs.  I tried for 2 over hours but ultimately failed, and I ended up sending an e-mail to ask Kelwin for help again.  When I came to office this morning however, the line spacing was there between the paragraphs!  Gosh!  I checked my codes and I have no idea how it happened.  Unfortunately, together with the line spacing, there’s also this rather big gap from the title of the post, to the post itself.  Sigh.  I give up… more space is better than less space.

Anyway, here’re some cute pics my dad took of Horlicks and Pinky over the weekend.


To distract Horlicks from eating my mom’s orchids, my dad thought it was a good idea to let her eat the pandan leaves.  But she couldn’t reach… so my dad placed a tool for her.



I’m told that after Horlicks came down, Pinky followed suit but we don’t have photographic evidence of that.  Heh. 



Pinky, next to his favourite DHL box.



Horlicks, full after a meal of pandan leaves.

Beauty is only Theme Deep

I don’t mean to brag but it rocks that my colleagues (at least those who sit around me) are not IT inclined.  Hehe.  ‘Cos when I’m really bored at work (like now), and don’t have any urgent things to handle, I can brazenly upload new themes using a FTP programme… knowing full well that even if they see it on my screen, they’ll probably mistake it for Windows Explorer.  Muahahahahahaha.

I’ve uploaded tons of themes recently… but this is my latest haul… all are widget friendly, though I’ve not got the chance to test them on IE & other browsers like Safari, Opera and Chrome (so far all work in Firefox).

Some of the themes don’t have a line spacing between paragraphs either… and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix it using what Kelwin taught the last time… guess I’ll try at a later date.

Anyway, here’re the screenshots of the latest themes I’ve uploaded & some initial comments on them:


Azure & Iceman didn’t like this… actually I don’t really like it either…though I thought the planet theme was rather cool.



I liked this really fresh look… except I couldn’t get the line spacing between paragraphs.



Uploaded… then decided I didn’t really like it.  Haha.



I think this is cool… not tested on other browsers yet.



Quite like this except that the banner picture says “Veelove World” and I can’t change the jpeg image.  Works in IE & Firefox so that’s great.



Very neat layout… but I don’t really like the colour & there’s the line spacing problem again.  Argh.



Looks good except for the line spacing problem AGAIN!  What’s with these authors!  Can’t they space out their stuff!



Got a little too blue & green for me…



This looks promising… haven’t had a chance to test it.



This looks good too… shall test it when I’m in a “Hong-Kongy” mood.

Okie!  Time to meet Iceman at the tailor.  Ciao!


Was looking for a new theme for my blog.  Found 4 that I like but can’t quite decide which I should use.


This is nice except it’s a little too wide to fit exactly into my 1024×768 monitor setting.



Will it look like I lost my marbles if I used this?



Nice shade of colours except the design’s quite plain?



I quite like this except not many people may scroll right to the bottom and see the houses. 

Sigh.  What do you think?

Blog Update..

Wah lau eh!  For months I’ve been wondering what on earth were the hackers doing to my blog… I mean, what use did my blog have for them?  And I just saw it.  I’m not sure when it was added… but in my blogroll, there’s some casino website there?!  It’s in some foreign language so I have no idea what it says but WAH LAU EH!  Sigh.

Anyway, I’m so happy with my work last night.  Lots of photoshopping and I managed to rip a blogskin for blogspot users for my WordPress blog.  Yeah!

The Importance of Formatting

    The format of this new WordPress theme has been bothering me.  It bugs me that there’s no clear distinction between paragraphs, which (in my opinion) makes the entire text difficult to read.  This particular format also caused my previous posts containing photographs to become warped… and while the problem can be rectified by putting the captions of the photos below the photos instead of next to the photos, there’re just too many posts for me to rectify!  (I think I have about 1016 posts in total… and about a third of them would contain photos).  Even my OCD nature isn’t enough to edit the hundreds of posts with photos in them.

     But while I can’t solve the photo-layout problem, I did find a solution to the first issue.  Was reading the papers just now and I realised that there’s also no spacing between paragraphs in the newspaper. However, the start of each paragraph is denoted by the tab spacing.  So I decided to try that for my more recent posts – justify the paragraphs and put a tab at the start of each.  I think it works.  While it isn’t as distinct as having a line spacing in between, the tab at the start of each paragraph does help.  So that’s how it’s going to be while I’m using this ballerina theme.  As for the older posts with photos?  I apologise that the captions are hard to read… but oh well.  Will just have to live with it.

Still Not Getting It Right…

     I searched through the 4 WP theme sites recommended by Kelwin.  Found 1 that I particularly liked… and some others that I uploaded into my themes folder for possible future use.  Here’re some screenshots:


     This is the one I really like.  Unfortunately, it’s not widgetised and when I checked the FAQ on how to widgetise it, I decided it was too "cheem" (difficult) for me to implement.



     This was my next favourite and it’s widget-ready… except that the paragraphs are like mashed together… which makes posts difficult to read.  *Sniff*.



     I thought this wasn’t too bad either… and if you imagine hard enough, you will see that the little girl is carrying a bunny.  Hehe.  Not sure if it’s widget ready though.  (Haven’t tested it).



     This isn’t too bad either… but… somehow… not quite my style.  Hmm… can’t place a finger on it.  Sigh.

     So how?  Should I use Chobit (the first one) for a while?  But that would mean I can’t load the chatbox nor my nuffnang ad banner (if they would blardy serve me some ads!).  Sigh.