I’ve always liked watching TVB serials. I probably learnt most of my Cantonese from watching these shows. Over the years, i’ve like many actors and actresses. Sadly, many have left the station so the chances of me seeing them on TV is very low. That said, i’m really happy that in the past year, my favourite 3 artistes have been on many many shows. They are… Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung and Kenneth Ma!!



Going to spend the rest of Sun watching more dramas. Hehehe.

Sooo Tired

I’m hooked on the TVB series, On Call 36 Hours (official English title is The Hippocratic Crush).  Wanted to finishg watching ep 19 of 25 tonight but i’m sooo tired after an insurer’s launch cocktail party & a dinner with new clients.  Talk about a night of entertaining.  *Yawn*.

I really love the main stars of On Call, Tavia Yeung & Kenneth Ma.  I love their characters too.  I love Tavia’s clothes in the series and i’m inspired to blog daily.  Even if it’s just a short reflection of the day’s events.

But this is temporary.  Haha.  Till another TVB series captures my imagines.

Ah… I love TV.


Just watched Fringe on Channel 5. Feel so sad for Olivia. For her pain when Peter couldn’t recognise the alternate her from the real her. Sigh. How sad. Hope this isn’t the end of them.

(This is my 1st attempt posting from the iPad. Haven’t decided if I should get one too. Hmm…)

Autumn Concerto

The latest drama I’ve been following is 下一站,幸福. Got to say that my opinion of Vanness Wu really changed. Haha. Never knew he can actually act. Found him a lot less irritating than ha was in Meteor Garden. Actually, I didn’t find him irritating at all!

Anyway, I’m half way through the drama. Been fast forwarding through quite a few parts so I can get to the exciting parts faster, which is quite rare cos I usually like sitting through every part of a drama so as to immerse myself in the story. Hehe.

Can’t wait to watch the second half. Shall stop fast forwarding cos while I can’t wait to see the ending, I’m also always sad when a good story ends

Love Queen

I think Cheryl Yang’s such a great actress so I’m on a bid to watch as many dramas with her inside as possible – as long as she has a reasonable amount of screen time, since 败犬女王 was her first starring role.  The first drama of hers I’m going to catch is Love Queen aka 恋爱女王。 The similarity in titles is but a coincidence!  Haha!  Shown in 2006, I read pretty good reviews of Love Queen online.  The forums also mentioned that Love Queen was a very low key drama and indeed it must have been!  I visited Poh Kim, Laser Flair (or Fair – can’t remember), TS, MJunction and a couple of other DVD/VCD shops and none of the store assistants heard of Love Queen before!  Disappointing. 

Booze Queen (yesh, another queen, albeit unrelated) recommended The Hospital aka 白色巨塔 and I was hoping to find the DVD too, especially since the male lead is Jerry Yan (such eye candy) but none of the above mentioned shops sell it anymore; “Too old” I was told.  Very old meh?  3-4 years only what.  Chey!  Good things not scared old ok!

Anyway, here’s the tudou link to Love Queen in case anyone else is interested. 🙂

败犬女王 / My Queen / Queen of No Marriage

TTVimage (1) 

Started watching 败犬女王 aka Queen of No Marriage aka My Queen for the 3rd time last night.  I’ve never been a great fan of Taiwanese dramas so I didn’t have very high expectations when Ch U first started showing the series.  After watching the first few episodes, however, I found it soooo funny that I went to buy the DVD!

TTVimage (2)

“败犬” (translated literally as “defeated dog”) is a derogatory term referring to women who are unable to find a guy – doesn’t matter how successful, beautiful, talented they may be. 

What caught my attention when I first started watching was the fantastic comedic timing of the cast.  This drama has also made me a huge fan of Cheryl Yang, the female lead.  In the show, there’re many scenes where Cheryl Yang’s character (called Shan Wushuang) doesn’t speak and her thoughts are being narrated.  What impressed me is that Cheryl Yang’s facial expressions are damn good.  She’s never exaggerated and is able to give very nuanced expressions / body language to express the narrated thoughts.  Simply captivating!


The storyline is simple enough – older single woman meets younger guy (called Lucas & played by Ethan Ruan) but before their relationship even starts, the woman’s ex-boyfriend (called Leslie Sung & played by James Wen) reappears and she finds out that it wasn’t his fault that he “walked out” on her just before their wedding 6 years ago.  She then has to choose between the ex and the younger guy.


It may sound run of the mill but I think it’s the way the scriptwriters handled the story.  The woman’s pain over her ex is given a very realistic airing and viewers also get to see how her relationship between the younger guy and her is developed.


I don’t want to go into the twists and turns in case there’re any Chinese drama fan who hasn’t watched it yet – though that’s highly unlikely since it’s the most popular Taiwanese drama export in recent years.  I read online that there were 2 camps of viewers – one that supported Cheryl Yang returning to be with her ex, and the other wanting her to choose the younger guy.  This was one drama that made me laugh (really loudly too) and cry. 

Love love love love love it!

(Note 1: To the folks who have watched it.. did you realise that in the scene where Lucas finds Leslie’s medical report, the name on the medical report was James Wen, i.e. the actor’s real name?  Hehe.)

(Note 2: I got the pics above off Google.  If they belong to you and you want me to remove them, I’ll be happy to do so).

Summer Holiday 2


Yay!!  Jingle Ma will be directly a sequel to the hit romantic comedy Summer  Holiday in 2010!  Richie Ren & Sammi Cheng will be starring in it again.  Yay yay yay!  That’s one of my favourite movies of all time!!  ISP folks will remember I used to watch it almost everyday while answering calls at the helpdesk!!


Sammi’s schedule for 2010 is packed as she will be involved in 2 movies next year. Right after her concert in December, she will be shooting Summer Holiday 2 with Richie Ren and another movie directed and starred by Jan Lam.

Sammi and Jan have been good friends and Jan approached Sammi recently to be in a romantic comedy movie directed by him. The story talks about an ordinary man who meets a “small” woman. Both of them who are enemies at first becomes a couple. Investment for the movie stands at HKD20mil. A bulk of the cost will come from actor’s salary and it was known that Sammi’s salary alone is HKD6mil. Jan Lam who is the script writer, director and actor will pocket about HKD2.5mil.

Before being in Jan’s movie, Sammi will first be shooting Jingle Ma’s Summer Holiday 2. 9 years ago, the movie managed to gross HKD21mil which was quite good. In March next year, the team will be heading to Redang Island, Malaysia to shoot the second installment. The movie will talk about life after marriage where they spend everyday in the island together. It will bring out the message that it is easy to be together but staying together will lead to many arguments at home. Investment in the movie is about HKD25mil. Jingle Ma is already asking someone to write the script for him.

When talked about being in another movie with Richie, Sammi said that she is very happy and is looking forward to working with the team. She knew the story will talk about life after marriage and it will be quite fun. She said the movie will only start shooting after the year end concert and once she has some rest.


Ass Factor

Anyone watched S Factor on Ch 5 last night?  Gosh.  It was bad… the girls were ugly (almost all of them), had bad body shapes and were generally short and flat.  Kinda sad.  But then again, if they were really good, they wouldn’t need to strip almost bare to command attention.  After all, models make clothes they wear grab attention… not take off their clothes to grab attention.

I suppose the only redeeming factor about the show is that it’s hilarious in a slapstick way.  Wanna see people stumble over tough mathematical questions like 1 x 1 or 2 x 3?  Watch S Factor.  Wanna see girls whine over chipped nails and ruined nail art?  Watch S Factor.  Wanna see blank faces when posed questions about current affairs?  Watch S Factor.

It’s like soft porn meet Dumb and Dumber…

Look Alikes

I know I have an overactive imagination but sometimes I just can’t help seeing similarities in people – even if they are of a different race.

Like Justin Long (saw him in He’s Just Not That Into You just now) and Joey Leung (of TVB’s Detective Investigative Files fame).

This is Justin Long:


And this is Joey Leung (even their names sound alike!!):

joeydif30ig joeydif10ev

It’s not so apparent in the photos above but I couldn’t really find any clearer pics of Joey Leung.  I think they have the "same pattern".  Maybe it’s the floppy hair, puppy eyes, bushy eyebrows & short build.  Hmm… don’t know lah.  They just remind me of each other on screen.

Mamma Mia!

Went to watch the movie today.  It’s sooooo good!  The plot’s really simple – Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) was raised by her single mom, Donna (Meryl Streep) and has always wondered about the identify of her father.  She finds her mom’s old diary hidden in a trunk in the house and the entries in the diary were recorded the year that she was born.  Donna was involved with 3 men 1 summer 20 years ago and Sophie was born as a result of that passionate summer.  Curious to find who her real dad is, Sophie invites all 3 men to her wedding!

And that’s essentially the entire plot… and told using ABBA’s songs.  Like what my favourite English teacher, Mr. Booth, told me years ago in secondary school – the best story is often the simplest one.  When the author focuses on the characters and detailed development of the story – that’s what draws readers in.  You don’t need a complex plot with 101 sub-plots to capture the attention of your audience.

How true that is with Mama Mia!.  The movie had us (the audience) laughing really hard and I could hear people singing along with the characters on the screen.  Meryl Streep is a fabulous actress too!  She really outshone the others in the cast (especially Pierce Brosnan who looked a little stoned if you ask me).  When she sang the solos "Slipping Through My Fingers and "The Winner Takes It All", tears couldn’t help but well up in my eyes.  She was sooooo good. 

The movie’s really campy, yet sentimental and the lovely, romantic Greek island backdrop was absolutely beautiful.

Here’re my favourite parts in the movie.

Honey Honey (The really funny start… and I think Amanda Seyfried was the best singer amongst the cast)


Slipping Through My Fingers:


The Winner Takes It All


Oh… and a funny tidbit about myself… when I was really really young… a toddler… my parents used to play the ABBA record and I loved the song Super Trouper so much, I would cry when the song ended and wouldn’t stop till they played it again, and again, and again, and again. 

Enough said.  Go see the movie now!