Watching this super old SBC/TCS show now called 傻妹情娇 (aka Sister Dearest).  It’s so dumb it’s hilarious.  Some of the scenes are so bad that they make my hair stand.  It’s serious cringe-worth material man.  The cast of the show includes my favourite TCS actor, Sean Say, Wang Yu Qing, Cassandra See and that Cheryl something… the one who acted in some shampoo ad and married that "remiser king", Peter Lim.

The fashion paraded in the show’s really bad too.  But I guess that’s just the style from the 80s-early 90s.  Hehehehe.  What I do like is the music.  Heh.  Maybe ‘cos I belong to that era too… hahahahaha.

Axed Files

Managed to catch X-Files tonight.  It was a disappointment for me… the plot was thin and the pace slow.  I think you could probably put everything into a 1-hour episode and have it work quite well… but to stretch out the thin storyline into a 2-hour movie just didn’t cut it.

Even more disappointing  was how Mulder & Scully were suddenly an item in the movie!  Gosh!  How could the producers/scriptwriters/director just put Mulder & Scully together without showing how it happened?  After all, one of the things that kept fans chasing the series was to find out if Mulder & Scully would ever get together!  The romantic tension between the two leads was exciting and I think that forms a pretty big part of the whole X-Files package.

To finally make Mulder & Scully a couple just killed the emotional rollercoaster ride where we all wanted them to be together but for some reason they just didn’t get together.  To make them an item with no explanation at all?  That was horrible!  It’s like a double anti-climax!  Highly unsettling.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any worse… it did.  I think it’s due to poor scripting ‘cos you couldn’t tell at all that Mulder & Scully were together till 1/4 through the movie, you see them in bed discussing some problems they were facing individually and you go – gosh!  Since when did they get together?  Did I fall asleep?

Sigh.  I was quite looking forward to re-living a huge TV hit during my teenage years on the big screen tonight.  Sadly, I think this movie only shows it’s time to axe the X-Files.


I couldn’t remember the plot of the previous X-Files movie so I did an online search.  If you read the plot of the previous movie, you’ll appreciate how it was deeply entrenched in the overall X-Files themes/plots, etc.  Sigh.  I miss the old X-Files.  I hereby conclude this latest movie is crap on comparison.

IPTV bliss!

been thinking very long and very hard about posting about my free IPTV lobangs ‘cos i don’t want all the legal eagles to swoop down on these free streaming providers and end my Internet TV bliss.

but there’re some things that’re sooo good that i guess i should share!  (plus the more people viewing, the better the reception ‘cos the more people to share the spreading of lurve!).

but i digress. 

i’ve been using TVU for a few years now.  was introduced by a friend during the last Soccer World Cup.  the visuals was grainy then… and laggy too.  but oh well, better than nothing for smoeone who doesn’t want to pay 2k+ for cable tv (that’s what starhub said they charge to link the cable from outside my house to inside my house.  duh!).

i stopped watching TVU after the WC but started using again to watch F1 whenever i can’t make it down to a secret haunt to watch.  (Iceman said before that i shouldn’t spread the word on this ‘cos we don’t want people swamping down on our haunt.  heh.)

unfortunately, after TVU failed me miserably just now, i started searching online for other similar programmes and i found TVKoo! 

am really happy about this find ‘cos TVKoo has lots of HK channels on it, it seems!  i even found a channel dedicated to streaming the Happy Ghost series!

looks like i’m going to be glued to my monitor a lot more often now.  will use TVU for my sports needs, and TVKoo for my HK cravings. 

now i just need to find a player that has free TVB dramas!  (actually TVKoo has some older TVB dramas lah.  heh… but not good enough!  :P)

881 Going to the Oscars?

Read in the papers that the movie 881 has been selected as Singapore’s nomination for Best Foreign Film category.  I’m so happy.  Really love the movie.  Although the subject matter is something that is very local and foreign audiences may not be able to appreciate it, i hope they’ll be able to connect to the very simple storyline of friendship & love admist the colourful ‘geitai’ setting.  The movie has its cheesy moments… but i think that adds a fun element to it.  Way to go 881!  881 yo ah yo ah yo!

Shades of Truth

I’ve been avidly following the TVB drama “Shades of Truth” (水浒无间道) on Channel U the past 2 weeks.  (Thank God for DVD players that can record onto DVD-RWs!  Woohoo!).  It’s an excellent show.  The premise is that Wu Song (played by Julian Cheung) and Lin Chong (Wong Hei) have reincarnated into this lifetime and Wu Song is now an undercover cop and Lin Chong is a senior inspector with the OCTB.  Wu Song regains his memory of the past life first.. and there’s a whole series of comical incidents as he tries to get Lin Chong to recall the past.

Lin Chong eventually does and (i haven’t watched finish the show yet) they eventually work together to bust a criminal organisation (i think).  Read a couple of reviews online and one of them mentioned that it’s a happy ending.  Yay!  I like shows with happy endings… not like the TVB drama “To Catch the Uncatchable”… such a happy go lucky comedy.. and the male lead dies in the end.  I was quite upset at that.  I mean, if the scriptwriters needed a twist at the end of a happy comedy but couldn’t find one, then just leave it lah!  Why kill off the male lead right?

Back to Shades of Truth, if you haven’t watched it (i’m assuming most people would’ve watched it since Starhub Cable Ch 55 showed it last year), go get the DVD/VCD!  It’s really entertaining!  The scenes where Wu Song meets with his police superior, Inspector Huang, to provide him with info are super hilarious.  Every meeting is in a different venue with a different theme.  Damn goot!

Love this show.  Thinking if i should buy the DVD/VCD for keeps.  Hehe.

Freecorder Toolbar & Flv Player, 感情不散

Just downloaded the FLV Player ‘cos i wanted to save the music videos of the movie 881 from youtube to my laptop and there was this bonus programme that came long with the package – the Freecorder Toolbar.  The Freecorder Toolbar allows u to capture songs from your browser in mp3 format.  Fantastic tool i must say!  Was searching yisou.com and baidu.com but couldn’t find the mp3 of the song Yi Ren Yi Ban (themesong of the movie 881) but managed to record an mp3 version from the youtube site using the Freecorder Toolbar.

Also, while the FLV Player only works in Firefox, Freecorder works in both Firefox and IE!  Everyone say cheers now!  Yippee!  🙂

Here’s the music video of the song 一人一半.  Really nice song… the movie was good too.  Requires u to suspend your disbelief… but it’s all in good fun… and the themes of friendship, passion for music, kinship, never fail to inspire.  Royston Tan is a good director.  Am proud that he’s a Singaporean!


Go see the movie if u haven’t ya?  🙂

Another Happy Fella

Sigh.  Just started watching Wong Hei in Shades of Truth (水浒无间道) and boy am i bowled over by him.  I’ve always loved Wong Hei as an actor… he has this indescribable charm… i mean, he’s ugly – small beady eyes, bad complexion (thank God for the good height 1.78m and great bod).  But he really entertains as an actor… whether he’s playing a clown (which always sets my heart aflutter), or playing some really serious role, he’s able to pull it off convincingly.

X-factor.  Yup.  Wong Hei is X-factor personified.  Was surfing the Net for a picture of him to upload here… and came across several forums that have threads saying that Wong Hei is rumoured to be gay.  He was apparently caught sunbathing with his partner before.  *Sob*.

Why?  Why?  Why?  Why are all the attractive macho men who exude endless charm and pure charisma gay?  🙁  *Sniff*.  Pass the tissue please…

More Spiderpig

Iceman has gone bonkers over Spiderpig.  Think bonkerity is contagious.  Had us both singing Spiderpig at UE Square last night… and that left WC, San and Ratz in peals of laughter.  Here’s another Spiderpig vid i found.  Hehe.



This is the version of the song i like.  Hehe.  It’s played during the credits of the movie.  Heh.



Look out!  He is a Spiderpig!


Watched The Simpsons Movie last night.  It’s really really good!  Hahaha.  Highly intellectual… touching on issues like homosexuality, school bullies, politics, pollution, broken familes, alcoholism, among other things.  Really good.  Oh… and did i mention it was funny too?  Haha.

Here’s my favourite song from the movie.  Heh. 

Go catch it if u haven’t!!

Making of Happy Birthday

Was surfing Youtube when i came across this clip of the making of the movie Happy Birthday.  *Sniff*.  So touching.  🙁  *Sob*  Did u know the storyline was written by Rene Liu?  Sigh… 🙁

I like what Rene Liu says somewhere in the middle of the interview – “I believe in love that lasts forever, but i will train myself to not believe that everything will last forever.  ‘Cos i believe if u adjust your expectations to something shorter, then if it lasts longer, u’ll feel like u’ve gained something” 

And something she says at the end is very touching too – “When we were young, our notion of ‘love’ may be heavily influenced by romantism in Qiong Yao’s novels, but in real life, that’s not what love is all about.  All those happy stories are but a ‘moment’ in time.  And a person’s life is strung together by many many ‘moments’.


Here’s the trailer of the movie.


Here’s the themesong sang by Rene Liu.


Really gotta get the movie.  Such a fantastic show.  Sigh.  Happy moments are often fleeting and hurting moments are also forgotten with the passing of time.  We can only cherish the happy ones and use the memories of it to mask the sad ones.

Here are the lyrics of the themesong:

i love you
i miss you
i love you
i miss you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you