“Ringtail” Therapy

I’ve been working pretty long hours recently and that leaves me with every little time (if any) to go shopping after work.  I thus decided that online retail therapy is a little indulgence that I should allow myself.

Saw these 2 rings from www.mylittlebow.com.  I know they may seem a little kiddy but I quite like the semi-vintage look.  Heh.  So I bought them anyway.


I quite ilke the Audrey Hepburn one tho’ it’s big!  I think I shall wear one of the rings tomorrow.  Muahahaha.

Bling Nokia X6 Cases from eBay

I never used to buy much stuff online because of the risk of parting with money before seeing the actual goods.  The only thing I buy regularly over the Internet would probably be concert tickets and maybe 1 or 2 handphones from Singtel’s online shop.

Recently, however, I got quite hooked on bling handphone covers and bought 3 off eBay in the last 3 months!  Here’s a pic of my purchases.


I bought the pink crown design (middle) first.  I really like it because of the sweet pink and it’s not overly bling.  The drawback is that the jewels forming the crown is very raised and thus the handphone doesn’t sit well if I rest it on the table (unless I put it face down).  I bought the heart design (right) next.  The picture on ebay appeared a lot more pastel pink so when the actual thing came, it was a little too bling for my taste.  I used it nonetheless ‘cos – buy liao don’t waste money mah.  The heart design also comes with a front cover which has its pros & cons.  The advantage being that it gives more protection to the handphone… the bad thing is that accessing some areas on the touchscreen can be a little difficult.

The skeleton design is my latest purchase – I think it was sitting in my mailbox for a few days because I forgot about it and didn’t check my mailbox.  Haha.  Just went down to collect it tonight and boy am I pleased with it.  The actual product looks better than the eBay photo (and my photo).  The black crystals aren’t too shiny but the white and pink crystals are so it really makes the design stand out.  I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet, but yet not too devilish ‘cos of the cutesy pink eye-patch on the skull.  :)  Very pleased with it.

I think I’m going to keep rotating the 3 cases.  Hehe.  Will use in accordance to my mood.  For anyone else who’s keen on the above, be warned though – the crystals drop off quite easily (only the pink heart design came with a strip of extra crystals).  I believe these crystals are easily purchasable and repairs can be done… but you know me lah… so lazy… I won’t bother.  Hahahaha.

Bling HP Case!


Bought this latest hp case for my Nokia X6 from eBay (seller was called easytradingco).  Very happy.. this must be the fastest an item has reached me (took about 8 days to get to Singapore from HK).  Love the hp… the bling is stuck over a clear plastic back case.. really hope it doesn’t crack ‘cos the last clear plastic case I bought cracked very easily.  Happy x 100.  What a great way to start a Thurs!!

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Decided to chop off my locks.  Unfortunately, my stylist didn’t totally failed to deliver.  The style I wanted is the one in the top row below:


Don’t ask me how it ended up like this:


So I’m obviously not very happy; but like I’ve always said, hair grows.  Just gotta wait for it to get longer and see if I can find another stylist to get me what I want.  I think this is very nice too.


Will update in abt a month’s time.  Hehe.

Deck the Malls

There’s an amazing number of new malls along Orchard recently. Visited 313@Somerset and Orchard Central for the 1st time today.


It was quite crowded for a Wed afternoon… filled with rich students and working adults, presumably clearing leave.

Saw this prettily decorated shop and managed to snap 2 pictures before I was chased away. 

Salesgirl, “No photos allowed!”

Me thinks, “Too late, too bad"…”



I mean, it’s not as though I’m going to open up a shop to compete, and dress it up exactly the same way right?  Or did I look like a Nigerian with fire powder in my underwear?  Duh.

Got this tee from New Look.

30122009016 30122009015

I like how the pictures on the front and back of the tee are connected.

Got this necklace from Forever21 too.


Both shops are located at 313@Somerset.

Somerset certainly looks revitalised with the new malls!

Time to say Goodbye


Sigh.  Had to sadly buy a new hairdryer to replace the Rowenta one above.  I really like my Rowenta hairdryer.  There isn’t any special features to it but it has served me well.  My parents bought it in 1977 – even before I was born!  The fuse, unfortunately, blew a couple of months ago and it doesn’t look like my dad intends to fix it.  (This is the 3rd time the fuse blew – though the first two times was caused by me – hair got sucked into the fan coil).

With much despair, I bought a new hairdryer from Philips. 


I had my reservations about Philips ‘cos I used to have one when I was in NTU and it didn’t last the 2 years I stayed in hostel!  Didn’t have much choice though ‘cos Harvey Norman carries mainly Philips or Braun and Braun is quite expensive.

Oh well, I hope it lasts.  Bye bye Rowenta hairdryer.  You were the best!!


Sorry for rather frivolous posts recently but my boss went on a 2-week holiday so I’ve been kinda busy in office to process any serious thoughts.  Anyway, while doing an online search on various hairstyles with fringe, I came across this website with hairstyles for ladies with short, medium and long hair.  I thought it was cool.  Here’s the link in case anyone’s interested.

Lotion for Permed Hair

iso bouncy

I’m sitting at home trying not to fall asleep ‘cos F1 Monza is starting in 58min & Azure has generously opened her place for Iceman and I to watch it.  Heh.  So I decided to do this post on lotions for permed hair.  Since perming my hair 2 Fridays ago, I’ve been looking for a suitable leave-in lotion/cream for my curls.  I bought the ISO Bouncy Creme from a shop at Raffles Place but am not very pleased with it.  I tried it for 2 days (last Mon & Tue) and felt that it dried out my hair by the end of the day.  In addition, the smell is VERY VERY strong!!  It smells as though I’m walking around with an entire salon on my head!  (This is coming from a person whose nose doesn’t pick up smells very well ‘cos of years of sinus…)

Unfortunately, I have a short memory and so I decided to give it another try today.  After all, I have a full bottle of it left so don’t waste right?  Sigh.  Regret. Now I’m typing on my laptop while choking on the smell from my hair, and thinking if I should wash my hair again, but am reluctant to do so ‘cos that’s very drying for hair.  Sigh.


I should’ve just stuck to using the Redken Curl Refiner that Booze Queen gave me (she had half a tube left from when her hair was curly).  The Redken product is a very lightly scented (excellent!) and it holds curls quite well.  It’s twice the price of ISO but it’s good!

Excuse me while I continue choking…