Excuse me, are you a blogger?

Ok… this blogging thing seems to be taking over the Internet. So in order to maintain my hip quotient, I decided to start one too. But seriously, can anyone tell me what’s the main difference between the blogging of this generation, and the personal webpages of my era? I mean… it’s still a homepage where you post your comments, get sued, then you either get exiled on Sentosa (but no fear… just tahan a few years and u’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of the IR!) or print a public apology right? :Þ And hey… i had a homepage in the good old days ok!

Back to the 21st century… a couple of my friends have this blog thing and I really admire the stuff they write. Pretty cool, nochalant spiels that perk up many a boring day in the office at home. Hence, I decided to try my hand at this too… but don’t expect any washing of dirty linen here… all scandalous revelations are aired somewhere else. 😉 (If you pay me a million bucks, I will reveal the URL to you).

That said, I guess I won’t be sued ‘cos
(a) I’m not a scholar
(b) I love PAP.