Marina Bay Countdown 2011

Went for my very first countdown event because I got wind that David Tao was going to perform 10 songs (I think he did about 12 songs in the end) and I thought this might be a good chance to meet him in person.  Heh.  The countdown show, in my opinion, was boring.  Most of the performers were green and unpolished.  Some event went off key!  Here’re the photos I took of the night.



The stage before the event started.



Some saxophonist from China who’s now studying in Singapore. 



The Singapore Char Siew Paus – no prizes for guessing once u’ve seen their size.  They were pretty good…



This group, Voodoo, made music out of banging metal tins & stuff.  They were surprisingly good.



The Dessert Rose – they were contestants in One Moment of Glory (thought I think Gory would’ve been a more accurate name).  They were doing belly dancing, supposedly, though I thought it looked more like Chinese dance.



Sylvia Ratonel – I quite like her voice actually.  She said she’s going to Shanghai to perform after this… though I wonder how she’s going to cope with the language barrier.



Jack & Rai.  Never been a fan but they were pretty good and professional compared to some of the other acts.


And presenting the best performer of the night…







Other members of his band include:


Our Singaporean homeboy, David Tan, on vocals & lead guitar.



His drummer from LA – Brenden Berkley



Keyboardist & music director, Goh Kheng Long (yup!  Another Singaporean!)



Jingles the bassist.



On the left is Jamie Wilson, also on guitar.



Sylvester Sim and his band, Queen, also performed.  His singing seems to have gotten worse since his Singapore Idol days. 



Sezairi – still as mediocre as ever.



Skinny & short guys just don’t have stage presence.



Sheik Haikel.  He’s a big guy and he can rap!!



One Nation Emcee.  Wah lau eh… they really irritated 2010 out of me man.  Especially the minah’s fake American accent that had such strong Malay tones.  Argh…. couldn’t stand it.



Michelle Chia stumbled on her lines a little after we went live.. kinda strange ‘cos she was pretty natural before the show went live on TV.  I really admire her drop dead gorgeous figure though!!



David wishing Sheik a Happy New Year while Sylvester looks super left out.  Hahahaha.



Aiyoh Sylvester, mai so sore leh…

That’s all the pics I have – unfortunately.  After the show, 2 other DT fans and I actually went to the back of the building to wait for David Tao.  He came over to talk to us before boarding his van to leave for his hotel. 

Glad that I finally managed to say hi to DT in person (for those who don’t know, DT’s pretty nice to his fans.  He used to talk about his music on Twitter but has since moved onto Weibo.)  Sadly, he said I look more matured in my current hairstyle.. (i’m going to whack my hairstylist for this!!!)

Sigh.  Regret not asking DT for a picture together.  I thought it might be a little weird ‘cos we were separated by those grill barriers and his assistants seemed to want to usher him away as quickly as possible.  Think he only chatted with us for like 5 minutes?

Oh well.  I’m glad he remembers me from Twitter.  Haha.  Makes the $41 ticket price worth it.  WAHAHAHAHAHA.

The Making of 暗恋

Mio is disgustingly slow!!!  Good grief… takes like 5-8 refreshes before I can load any page.  What the hell is wrong with Mio?!?  My nightly Internet connection is so damn freaking unstable ever since BPL started.  ARGH!.

Anyway, I couldn’t find the entire Admiration MV (but that’s ‘cos I still can’t load tudou / youku and ppstream  but I did find the making of the MV on youtube.







Hope I can find the MV… eventually.


If I haven’t been posting much entries, that’s ‘cos I’m now hooked on my latest past time – Twitter. While blog posts are good for self-expression, Twitter allows your ego to indulge itself by posting constant updates of what you’re doing or thinking (as though anyone really cares).

Apart from talking about myself all day long, here’re some people I follow on Twitter:

David Tao

Joi Chua (Congratulations on your wedding!!)

And that’s it.  Haha… there’re more public Tweets that I follow but I think my favourite are the two above ‘cos they’re very personable.  🙂  (Plus I used to sort of know Joi Chua & brother from many years ago).

Anyhow, I’m still on the look out for Sammi Cheng’s twitter & blog (assuming they exist).  Anyone knows, do drop me a note!  Thanks!

*Tweet tweet*

David Tao in Space – The Talk & Rock Show

I really must apologise for the poor quality of the videos filmed with my Nokia X6 (the sound is a lot better than the visual!!).  I’m waiting for the better quality videos taken with my friend’s digicam.  Will post them once I get them!  (Though it may take some time…) 

Here’s a selection of fast and slow songs from last night.






David treated all his fans to his guitar playing (he had like 3-4 different guitars!).  The stage was set up to look like a living room from the 70s.  Instead of having whole orchestras and backup singers like his previous concerts, David chose to stick to a simple 5 piece band (himself included) so the feel of the music was very different.  The atmosphere was terrific and the audience lapped up every song.  I’m so sad he may not be having another concert for some time now as he moves to the next phase of his career.  Boohoohoo!

Opus 69

Here’re some of the songs I like from David Tao’s latest album.  I think out of the 14 songs, I only didn’t enjoy 2 songs… loved the rest!  Even though I downloaded the album from Nokia’s Come With Music, I saw on one of his interviews on youtube that he also filmed a 1hr short film / protracted MV clip for the album.  Wonder if the hard copy album comes with it… if it does, I’m getting it!







By the way, with the release of this album, David Tao has completed his contract with his recording company and is now a free agent.  He will be moving on to directing movies, which was what he studied in college.  He said he’ll still be making music… but it wouldn’t be his focus anymore.  Sob.  Wonder when we’ll hear another album from him!

What I really love about his albums is that he is able to use many different musical styles – rock & roll (his favourite), R&B, ballads, etc, but each of his song has a very unique melody that stays with you long after you hear it.  Definitely not run of the mill.  He’s such a talented musician!