Greece Highlights – Mykonos

P1030773 P1030774

Pelican Bay Hotel – Our beautiful hotel room in Mykonos


P1030817 P1030818

View from the balcony of the hotel room


P1030837 P1030835 

Apart from opening the usual way, the doors & windows could also be tipped open for ventilation!  I thought it was so cool!


P1030830 P1030820

Left: Picture of our hotel room from the outside

Right: Iceman coming down the stairs leading to our room


P1030832 P1030842

Left: Some cacti looking flowers.  Very unusual (for me at least)

Right: Goats!  Behhhh… beehhhhh


P1030844 P1030845

Left: A provision shop in the town of Mykonos

Right: “She sells seashells by the seashore”


P1030847 P1030855

Left: A bullet looking house

Right: Windmills!


P1030856 P1030876

Right: How a windmill should really look… before the sails get taken down.  Heh.


P1030875 P1030862

“Little Venice” of Mykonos


P1030879 P1030883

The narrow & windy streets were meant to make it difficult for pirates to capture the island


P1030888 P1030887

Typical Greek fast food –

Left: Pita with pork Souvlaki

Right: Souvlaki – it’s like grilled meat on satay stick


P1030923 P1030925

Left: Grilled seafood platter

Right: Greek traditional dessert – Baklava (it’s really super sweet)


P1030926 P1030929

Traditional Greek dance (gets kind of boring after a while)


P1030941 P1030939

A beach front restaurant where we had our lunch before departing for Santorini!