Hong Kong (24 – 28 Mar 2011) – Part 2

More food photos!!



I hardly hardly eat street hawker food in HK… the one and only time was when I shared this erm… flour egg balls thingy with Azure last year.  After trying the curry fish balls, however, I’m totally in love with it!  Yummy!  I prefer those that just come with the “curry sauce” rather than those with peanut gravy mixed in.  🙂



Tried the spicy pork cube noodles from some random Cha Chan Teng.  Paled in comparison to my now defunct Kam Moon Kok.  *Sad*.



My friend’s pork chop bun… looks not bad… but the slice of pork was a little small I think.



Booze Queen’s breakfast.  The Polo Bun with 2 slices of butter looked sooooooooooooo delicious!



Happy to share that the French Toast at the random Cha Chan Teng was as good as the one from Kam Moon Kok.  The secret is to spread a bit of peanut butter inside the thick toast before dipping it in egg & frying it.  And I eat it by pouring tons of syrup on top.  YUMMY!

Ok… Gonna leave the last set of photos from Tai Ping Koon Restaurant for another day… Heh.

Hong Kong (24 – 28 Mar 2011) – Part 1

The trip was extremely fun despite the terrible inconvenience and distress caused by Jetstar (they kept sending me SMSes & e-mails saying my flight itinerary changed, despite me logging into their system to confirm the amendment to my return flight 3 times.  Then on the night before my  flight to HK, I got an erroneous SMS saying that even my departure flight was changed when it wasn’t!)

Shopped quite a bit & ate even more!  Only sad news is that my favourite cha chan teng, Kam Moon Kok, has closed.  Learnt from a neighbouring Chinese medicine shop that they sold the shop to this real estate company and closed.  I guess they cashed out.  Sob.

Anyway, I didn’t take much photos of my companions nor me this trip… my photos are all of… FOOD!  Here’re some selected shots!



Saw this on Jetstar’s menu.. poor chicken.. had its balls crushed and laughed at?


Che’s Restaurant


Fried fritters in cheong fun.  Not bad.  The fritters were light & crispy, cheong fun skin was thin.



Custard & salted egg bun.  Really love this.  I like the balance between the sweet custard & the salted egg bits.  There is also a generous amount of filling!  Slurp!



Siew mai.  I’m not a fan of the siew mai at Che’s ‘cos I find the meat a little fatty.  It’s tender & tasty & the skin is thin… but I don’t like the bits of fatty meat inside.  Heh.  Personal preference.



Har gow – I love this ‘cos of the super fresh and crunchy prawns.  The skin could be thinner though.



I didn’t order the beef tripe but was told it was pretty tasty.  It comes with some dried beancurd skin that’s hidden below the tripe. 



Egg tart.  This really has to be eaten when it’s fresh out of the oven so that the egg in the middle is still gooey and the flaky crust melts in your mouth!



Char siew cheong fun.  I’ve always liked this ‘cos the char siew is lean & the soya sauce makes the entire dish very tasty.



Dumpling in chilli oil & vinegar.  First time I tried this at Che’s.  Average… Booze Queen says the one from Din Tai Fung in Singapore is better (will try that soon!!)



Che’s signature crispy char siew pau.  This is the epitome of crispy char siew pau!  The crust is crispy, sweet & buttery at the same time.  The texture sort of reminds me of the Rotiboy bun that took Singapore by storm a few years ago.  The char siew inside is tasty & moist with gravy.  Excellent!  This never disappoints!



Lotus leaf rice.  Looks normal right?  Wait till you see what’s inside…



There was a fresh scallop, baby abalone, dried scallops, mushroom & meat!  Super tasty!  Probably the best lotus leaf rice I’ve ever tried.  Yummy… Will definitely have this again on my next trip!



I can’t remember the exact name of this dish.. white sesame & black sesame ball or something.  Anyhow, it was good.  Really like how the black sesame inside flows out the minute you bite the ball.  *Slurp!!


Yat Lok


Tried the highly recommended roast goose from Yat Lok.  I really liked the skin – super crispy & tasty even after being soaked in the soup.  The meat, however, was smelly!!!!  Only ate some parts that were less odorous and gave the rest to Iceman.  Bleah!


Tim Ho Wan


This is an apparently well known 1-star Michelin dimsum place.  It opens at 10am but Azure got us there at 9am and she obtained pole position in the queue!  Well done!



Check out the losers in the queue behind us!



The dimsum was pretty good… but I didn’t like it more than Che’s… the pricing, however, definitely deserved that 1-star!  Super cheap!  The 4 of us paid what 1 of us paid at Che’s!  (In other words, the price was like a quarter of Che’s!)



Funny English. Heehee.



Phoenix claws aka chicken feet.  Hehe.  I didn’t (and don’t) eat this but I recall those who ate saying that the way it’s done is pretty different from Singapore… so… maybe it’s not not nice… just that it doesn’t match our expectations.



Char siew cheong fun.  The parsley (“yim sai” in Cantonese) inside totally ruined this for me.  The only thing I thought was good was the super thin cheong fun skin (better than Che’s).



Har gow – average.



Siew mai – I didn’t really like this.  Somehow the taste wasn’t that fantastic. 



Crispy char siew pau – there wasn’t enough crispy bits on the skin.  The char siew was also a little too sweet so the blend between sweet & buttery/ salty wasn’t there.  Really paled in comparison to Che’s.



Pan fried carrot cake.  Bland.  Tasteless.  🙁



Lotus leaf rice… I can’t remember much about this except it was super salty and we couldn’t finish it.



Steamed pork ribs.  I think this was not too bad.  Tasty.



For dessert, we had this osmanthus flower & wolfberry seed cake.  It was good.  Light & refreshing, I like the bits of flowers & wolfberry inside.  Good!!


Tong Tai Seafood (Temple St)


Sweet & sour pork ribs.  Not that good.  I wouldn’t order this again.



Kangkong in bean paste.  I thought this was average only.  The kangkong was a little “old”… would have been nicer if it was more tender.



Salt & pepper squid with vinegar dip.  Super love this!!!



Pomfret steamed in soya sauce (Cantonese style).  I really hate pomfret ‘cos I find the flesh very smelly but this one was actually not too bad (I pinched a small piece).  Maybe ‘cos it was taken fresh from the tank… or maybe pomfrets in HK are less smelly… I don’t know… but my friends agreed this dish was the highlight of the night for them.



Claypot bittergourd.  The gravy was tasty.  (Can’t say much ‘cos I don’t eat bittergourd.  Haha).



Razor clams cooked in black bean sauce.  This was not bad.  Would’ve liked it more if it were spicier!!





Ah… beer… Tsingtao… one of my favourite…

Ok… that’s all the pics for now.  Just way too many food pics and my stomach is churning like crazy.  Will post the rest another time!  *Drools*.

Picture credits: Nokia N8!!

Hong Kong 26 Feb – 1 Mar 2010

Went to HK for a quick weekend trip with Azure and we really fleshed out the HK Tourism Board ad – Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat Shop.  I was so focused on the above I didn’t even bring a digicam.  Haha.  Figured if I needed to take any really good photos, I could always get Azure to snap them for me since we have the same digicam.  So here’re the photos from our eating & shopping trip.  We visited some of our favourite eating places more than once but I grouped the photos together anyway.


Add: 4/F, The Broadway, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Tel: 852 2528 1123

28022010393 28022010394

This has gotta be the best char siew pau ever!  The buttery bun is absolutely light & crisp and goes unbelievably well with the sweet char siew inside.  Iceman and I first tried this in 2007 and I made Azure go back to the restaurant on this trip just for the char siew pau!



The egg tart is also marvellous.  The pastry is light and texture flaky.  The egg custard is a little wobbly in the centre and melts in the mouth.



The har gow was also delicious.  The prawns were fresh and crunchy and the filling was so well marinated they were heavenly – and coming from someone who usually skips eating prawns ‘cos I don’t like them, you gotta believe me when I say they’re GOOD!


28022010390 28022010392

This is Che’s special meat dumpling with bamboo shoot.  I can’t remember the official name for it but it’s the first item on the dimsum menu.  The outer layer of the dumpling is very thin and crispy.  The inner layer of the skin is a little sticky, mildly sweet and chewy.  The pork and bamboo filling was wonderfully savoury and the combination was great.



This is the char siew cheong fun.  The cheong fun is silky and thin while the char siew is lean.  It was good, but not as yummy as the prawn cheong fun.  Once again, I was surprised at how delicious the prawn cheong fun was ‘cos I usually hate prawn.  It was so good… we walloped it before I remembered I was suppose to take a photo…

26022010355 26022010357

This is the pau with sweet custard filling and bits of salted egg.  The caramelised custard was quite good but it could probably do with a few more bits of salted egg as the overly sweet pau got a bit jelat (腻 – a little too cloying).


26022010358 26022010360

We also had the siu mai and their golden pan cake – both were ok but nothing to shout about.


2. TONG TAI SEA FOOD RESTAURANT (along Temple Street)

27022010376 27022010374

We originally wanted to check out this noodle place that Azure got from some guide book but didn’t quite make it there – we got distracted by this seafood place which Iceman and I ate at in 2007 and decided to have dinner here instead.  Heh.  We didn’t manage to order a lot as there were only 2 of us but food is about the quality… not quantity!!

We had the squid (aka sotong) fried with salt and pepper and this was soooooooooo sedap!  I suspect there was a dash of curry powder in the dish but whatever it was, the sotong was terrific especially when dipped in the vinegar that came with the dish.

We also had razor clams stir fried with black beans & a bit of chilli.  This was tasty but I would’ve preferred it if it were a bit spicier.

To ease our guilt from pigging out, we also ordered a plate of chye sim cooked with garlic – it was good too!


 27022010372 27022010371

This is a pic of a very satisifed Azure.  Haha.  We took a short walk at the night market after that and that’s when I saw the fake iPhones from China.  Was very tempted to buy one given how it has more functions than the real iPhone.  Haha.  It was cheap you know – only HKD500.  That’s like SGD90!!


3. KAM MOON KOK (opposite BP International House along Austin Road, near Jordan MTR)

 28022010397 28022010398

This is my favourite cha chan teng (茶餐厅) in the whole of HK.  Azure and I first chanced upon it on our first trip together in 2002 and I’ve returned to eat here every time I visit HK.  The milk tea is so smooth!!  Even if you leave it sitting untouched for a period of time, the milk remains well blended in the tea. 

The spicy pork cube noodles (五香肉丁面) is also fabulous.  After you’ve tried it, you can never step into a HK cafe in Singapore for the same dish.  The pork cubes are spicy and salty and they retain the taste even after being submerged in the soup.  *Slurp*!  Iceman loved it when we had it back in 2007… and Azure is fan now too!  (She had it twice on this trip).  Hehe.

01032010400 25392_333375043174_608583174_3638408_6887470_n

Another must have for me is the French toast (西度斯 – sai tou xi – not sure how to spell the Cantonese words).  The slices of bread are buttered and dipped in egg before being fried.  The edges of the bread are crispy and the centre is soft.  The secret ingredient is the peanut butter in between!  Served with a splash of buter on top and a container of maple syrup for you to drown the toast in, this is fantastically delicious!



Add: G/F, 44 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay, H.K

Tel: 852 2895 5310


I first tried the wanton noodles here with Azure back in 2002.  Am glad I had the chance to eat it again this trip.  I had the shui jiao soup this time.  The broth is tasty and the dumplings had a nice succulent bite.  Really yummy.  This place is going into my list of “must eats” for my next trip!


5. Jenny’s Bakery


I initially promised my colleagues I’ll buy a tin of cookies from Jenny’s Bakery but they were closed!  Twice!  Azure and I popped by the branch at Melbourne Plaza around 6pm+ on Friday and there was a notice saying that everything was sold out and so the shop was closed.  We returned hoping to buy the cookies on Sun but they were closed again!  Boohoohoo.  I really love the cookies here!


6. Xu Liu Shan / Fa Ji

We visited almost every Xu Liu Shan we saw.  We had dessert every lunch and dinner!  *Faints*.  At first I thought I was the OCD one… but now I think not. 

27022010378 27022010377

We had mango drinks / desserts so many times that I decided not to post any photos.  Ok… to be honest, I slurped everything down too fast so I didn’t get a chance to take any photos.  Haha.  But I did take some photos of other desserts available at Xu Liu Shan.

Left: Walnut & Sesame paste

Right: Boiled pear, dates and I can’t remember what else… hehe.


7. Cheung Hing Coffee House

 28022010383 28022010386

This cha chan teng is supposed to be popular with celebrities.  I thought the breakfast was ok… but not fabulous.  Didn’t see any celebrities either.  Instead, we were treated to the fire alarm going off 3-4 times.  I sort of suspect it was a ploy to get customers out of the shop..


8. Shopping Haul!

01032010416 01032010403 

Left: A belt from Esprit.

Right: (Top Row) – Top + slip from Giordano Ladies, boots from Island Beverly (really comfortable!  Love them!), purple mouse shoes from… some shop at Tsim Sha Tsui (a little tight for my right foot unfortunately), brown shoes from Argyle Centre, black top from ATO (another shop at TST area).

(Bottom Row) – 2 bandeaus / tubes from some dinky little store at I can’t remember where, leggings from the same store, DVDs for my mom and a bag from Esprit.

Didn’t manage to find anything I liked / fit me at H&M.  Looks like I’m still more of an Esprit & Giordano Ladies person.



Accessories from Times Square and Argyle Centre.  🙂



Now this is a totally random photo I took at the toilet at Che’s Restaurant.  Gosh!  Can you see how tiny the entrance to the loo is?  Hong Kongers are sooo slim.  I’m usually an XS / S size in Singapore but in HK, I’m easily an M!  Damnit.  If the weather wasn’t so hot and humid, I might consider walking up the 5 storeys of stairs to my flat just to be a HK size S!