Nokia 6700 & a Swimming Pool

I often hear stories about how people drop their Nokia phones in water and how the phone miraculously survives.

Last weekend, my boss was watching his son play/ wade in a swimming pool at Sentosa. He had instructed his son to stay on the steps of the pool cos his son was too short to wander into the pool, plus the boy doesn’t know how to swim.

Unfortunately, the boy got curious after a while and decided to thread beyond the last step. Sure enough, he lost his footing and his head went under water. My boss immediately ran to the pool to yank his son out. In his haste, his wallet and handphone went into the pool as well!

My boss saw the screen of his Nokia 6700 fizzle and die. He went to the washroom, took apart the phone and used the hand dryer to blow dry the phone. After he got home that night, he continued to dry the phone using a hairdryer. Amazingly, the phone was revived. My boss then turned to his wife who uses an iphone and said, “Don’t think your iphone would’ve survived.” Heh.

My boss is now a firm believer of Nokia products, though I wouldn’t suggest anyone dunking their phones ever!

Worst Service Ever from a Helpdesk

I just got a call from Fetsi who introduced herself as a supervisor with Nokia Care.

Fetsi: Hi Miss.  I received your e-mail regarding the Channel News Asia app.  I understand that we have advised you 2 possible fixes, i.e. to wait for the next available software update or to download the app from Ovi store.  I would like to check if you have tried and if it works?

Me: Was my e-mail not clear enough? 


Me: I repeat.  Was my e-mail not clear enough?

Fetsi: Sorry Miss.  But did the fix work?

Me: Wasn’t it clear enough in my e-mail whether it worked or not?

Fetsi: I must apologise.  I got your case number but didn’t see all the e-mails.

Me: Then why are you calling me if you don’t know what’s going on?

Fetsi: (Apologises profusely).  I will raise this with 3rd level support and get back to you soon.

*Rolls eyes*.

Nokia Customer Care SUCKS!

The Nokia Customer Care in Singapore really really sucks.   I think it would be a challenge to find another helpdesk more lacking and inadequate.  I asked @NokiaSg on Twitter who should I send a complaint letter to.  They requested that I told them my problem over e-mail.  Fine.  So I did. 

I sent an e-mail to Text100, which is the PR company in charge of Nokia’s branding & PR in Singapore.  This was my e-mail.


I know you guys are the PR company handling Nokia’s branding, etc, so this really isn’t directed at you.  However, it appears to me that the Nokia Customer Care in Singapore is outsourced and the helpdesk folks are really really crap.  Is there any one who’s really from Nokia that can look into this?  My request is a very simple one actually.
This is my complaint:
My N8 came with a Channel News Asia app which allows me to read the news (note – this is not the WebTV app).  The app became unstable and kept hanging so I uninstalled it.  Thereafter, I was unable to find the app on Ovistore.  I contacted Singtel who said I had to refer the matter to Nokia.
So I emailed Nokia.

1. Joyce T. told me to download the app from Ovistore & copied & pasted some standard instructions on how to download apps from Ovistore.  This obviously shows she doesn’t even know what apps are available on Ovistore which is unacceptable.  Even if she doesn’t know all the available apps, surely it wouldn’t kill her to check before replying a customer?

2. After I replied stating that this app is not available on Ovistore, Arnie S. replied saying he has validated and the app is indeed not there.  Didn’t I say it already?  Why repeat information that I gave to Nokia back to me?  Arnie S. also suggested that I updated my firmware.  Another stupid suggestion because the N8 has no firmware updates to be done. The much hyped PR1.1 is not out yet.  There was a software update but that was only available today – after Arnie S’s suggestion. 

3. I replied again informing Nokia that my firmware is currently the latest version.  I also asked if Nokia was 100% sure that the CNA app will be restored if I reinstalled my firmware.  Yen G. replied affirmatively and told me to do a backup of my N8 before reinstalling the software.
To prove to Nokia that it wouldn’t work, I did the software update.  And it doesn’t work.  So what happens now?


The best thing is, Nokia actually sends surveys to people who have written to the helpdesk for help.  Well, I gave them the worst grading possible for every single question in the survey.  I also reiterated the above in the survey.  Wonder if anything will actually be done?

The last time I gave them a damning survey, the research company handling the survey called me from the UK.  They made 2-3 calls actually and seemed genuinely interested to find out more.  I applaud them for that and I noted that the no. of staff in their helpdesk has doubled since then (that was about 2 years ago).

Unfortunately, quantity is obviously not quality.

I have to confess that my e-mails to the helpdesk staff were sarcastic but  my tolerance limit was breached 2 years ago

Argh.  When can Nokia improve their customer service?

Bling Nokia X6 Cases from eBay

I never used to buy much stuff online because of the risk of parting with money before seeing the actual goods.  The only thing I buy regularly over the Internet would probably be concert tickets and maybe 1 or 2 handphones from Singtel’s online shop.

Recently, however, I got quite hooked on bling handphone covers and bought 3 off eBay in the last 3 months!  Here’s a pic of my purchases.


I bought the pink crown design (middle) first.  I really like it because of the sweet pink and it’s not overly bling.  The drawback is that the jewels forming the crown is very raised and thus the handphone doesn’t sit well if I rest it on the table (unless I put it face down).  I bought the heart design (right) next.  The picture on ebay appeared a lot more pastel pink so when the actual thing came, it was a little too bling for my taste.  I used it nonetheless ‘cos – buy liao don’t waste money mah.  The heart design also comes with a front cover which has its pros & cons.  The advantage being that it gives more protection to the handphone… the bad thing is that accessing some areas on the touchscreen can be a little difficult.

The skeleton design is my latest purchase – I think it was sitting in my mailbox for a few days because I forgot about it and didn’t check my mailbox.  Haha.  Just went down to collect it tonight and boy am I pleased with it.  The actual product looks better than the eBay photo (and my photo).  The black crystals aren’t too shiny but the white and pink crystals are so it really makes the design stand out.  I like the fact that it’s not overly sweet, but yet not too devilish ‘cos of the cutesy pink eye-patch on the skull.  :)  Very pleased with it.

I think I’m going to keep rotating the 3 cases.  Hehe.  Will use in accordance to my mood.  For anyone else who’s keen on the above, be warned though – the crystals drop off quite easily (only the pink heart design came with a strip of extra crystals).  I believe these crystals are easily purchasable and repairs can be done… but you know me lah… so lazy… I won’t bother.  Hahahaha.

Nokia N8

I’m eagerly waiting for the arrival of the Nokia N8 in Singapore.  Nokia has finally created a phone that’s nearly perfect (in terms of what I look for in a phone).  The only thing I’ve yet to ascertain is if there’ll be T9 keypad input for text.  The review I just read talks about QWERTY input only.

Here’re some of the things I’m looking forward to in the N8:

1) Homescreens

I first experienced the Nokia homescreens when I tested the N900.  I like how I can categorise my widgets, shortcuts, apps, etc into 4 “desktops”. 

2) Multitasking

When you tap to view all opened apps, each app gets a thumbnail showing its current status and you can tap on the “X” in the corner of the thumbnail if you want to close the app.  This is a great improvement over the X6, where I have to go into the individual app in order to exit it.

3) Conversations Format

FINALLY, SMS and MMS will be displayed in a chat format, something that has been made available by practically every other handphone manufacturer – Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Apple, you name it.

4) E-Mail

I don’t really like the interface of how e-mails are displayed in the X6.  It’s too “text-based” and a lot of formatting in the e-mail is lost.  I really liked how the N900 displayed e-mails – almost as though I was viewing them on a PC.  Based on the screenshot of the N8’s e-mail app, I think it’s going to replicate the N900’s way of displaying e-mails. Fantastic!

5) 12MP Camera & Video Editing

I’ve always loved the cameras on Nokia.  The N8’s going to come with a 12MP camera and no doubt it will be great for taking photos.  Nokia’s camera apps have always allowed basic editing (cropping, changing colours to black & white, sepia, contrast/brightness adjustment, adding frames, text, clipart, etc).  The N8 is going one up by allowing the editing of videos!

6) Multi-touch Zooming

For Apple fans who have always raved about the iPhone’s “pinch to zoom” capability, the N8 will be offering this too – though it’s not a big deal to me.  I don’t mind tapping to zoom in.  Actually, I thought the N900’s way of zooming was quite cool too – by drawing circles (clockwise to zoom in & counter-clockwise to zoom out).


There’re of course many other features that are typical of Nokia that I’m looking forward to on the N8, but I’m not pointing them out now since they don’t vary from my X6. 

Now I’m just wishing hard that my favourite Gravity Twitter app becomes available on the N8!


Update [17 June 2010]: How can I forget to mention… the N8 comes with a Xenon flash!  The only other Nokia device to have a Xenon flash was the N82 (loved that hp to bits).  Am so looking forward to the N8’s Xenon flash!!

Second Thoughts – WordPress App for Symbian

I’ve posted a few entries to my blog using the WP app for Symbian phones.  Like I mentioned before, the interface is neat and user friendly.  It’s also easy to manage your comments using the app.  Unfortunately, I found a major flaw with it – posting pictures is impossible!  I’m using the Nokia X6 32GB phone so memory space has never been something that I’ve had to be concerned with.  I have 225MB of free memory on my “c drive” and 21GB of free space on my “mass memory” (the drive comes partitioned).  You can imagine my horror, therefore, when I was unable to add photos via the WP app because it says my handphone ran out of memory!  Gosh!  If even the Nokia X6 can run out of memory, I daren’t imagine the other Nokia models.

I’ve posted this problem on the Nokia WP forum (  I hope someone finds a solution to it soon – else, I’m just going to stick to Wordmobi.  Although the interface is unattractive, at least it works!

New WordPress Client for Symbian

i’ve been using Wordmobi to post to my blog for a few months now and the software’s pretty stable. the down side to it is that the interface is very simplistic and perhaps not as user friendly for people who do not understand html codes cos u need some knowledge of that in order to edit links and pictures posted.

i’m thus glad to share that there’s now another WordPress client available for Nokia phones! written with QT, the interface of the Nokia WordPress Client is very similar to the web version. not sure about how stable it is – typing my 1st post with it now – but it certainly looks promising. check it out / download it from

the 1 drawback i’ve noticed so far.. if u’re wondering i’m typing mainly in small caps, that’s cos the start of sentences are not capitalised by default and i’m too lazy to press an extra button each time i want to change the caps.

Cool Symbian Apps!

Iceman 1st came across these apps on Windows Mobile Marketplace & told me that the Symbian version is available too. Here’s introducing 3 apps that’re very handy for Singaporeans!

1st is the app to check your mobile data usage. This is compatible for M1 & Singtel subscribers. I tested it earlier & I think it works pretty well. I also like how it gives u the amount used in terms of percentage, which is more intuitive to me than seeing the raw numbers.

The 2nd app is the Roadmate Live. This nifty app uses Google Maps to pull up the map of the place you’re looking for. It also provides extremely helpful information such as live traffic news, carpark rates and bus arrival times. The price for Golden Shoe carpark seemed right so I guess this app should work pretty well. Loads of practical information.

The 3rd app is Filmscope which provides updates on movies screening time and locations in Singapore. Totally cool!

So don’t wait anymore. Go to for details!

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