Southbridge Jazz @ 7atenine & Max Brenner (Esplanade)

Celebrated my birthday at 7atenine with Iceman, Booze Queen & Azure last week.  We went to 7atenine at the Esplanade.  The ambience was nice and booze was very reasonably priced.  Food… not that great but I guess the environment made up for it.  The service staff were also polite and very pleasant.  Here’re some pics.


Nothing like a good Hoegaarden on tap to start the night. 

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Great company.



Iceman & me


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Left: Cod fish balls (hardly any cod fish!!) & calamari rings.  Lovely presentation but I could do with more substance…

Right: Sauteed mushrooms – this was yummy.



I forgot the name of this Indian dish but it was pretty good – apart from the “lao hong” papadum.


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Left: Aglio Olio – taste is pretty unusual ‘cos the spiciness came from the chilli sauce rather than chopped chilli padi, which is what I’m used to.

Right: Udon Cabonara – i thought this was so-so only.  Tasted a bit flat.


We adjourned to Max Brenner for dessert.  This was good… but it was soooo rich I felt like dying…


My milk choclate suckao – mix the chocolate chip & milk in the little container/bowl that is heated with a candle, stir, and use the metal spoon cum straw to slurp it up.  Cocoa high…



Booze Queen’s hot chocolate.



Churros (with cinnamon sugar ) fondue!!

I think we ate enough calories to last the month!