I just installed a new plugin called LinkWithin.  It’s supposed to recommended related posts under each blog entry.  The recommendations don’t seem very accurate – but a note on the site mentioned that it’ll get better once Linkwithin has the chance to trawl through the blog and this may take a few hours.

So… let’s see how it goes.  If you think it’s really bad, let me know… and I’ll consider removing it.

Side note – my webmaster as well as 2 friends (Booze Queen & Piano Player) mentioned to me that my blog may be inaccessible at times.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Second Thoughts – WordPress App for Symbian

I’ve posted a few entries to my blog using the WP app for Symbian phones.  Like I mentioned before, the interface is neat and user friendly.  It’s also easy to manage your comments using the app.  Unfortunately, I found a major flaw with it – posting pictures is impossible!  I’m using the Nokia X6 32GB phone so memory space has never been something that I’ve had to be concerned with.  I have 225MB of free memory on my “c drive” and 21GB of free space on my “mass memory” (the drive comes partitioned).  You can imagine my horror, therefore, when I was unable to add photos via the WP app because it says my handphone ran out of memory!  Gosh!  If even the Nokia X6 can run out of memory, I daren’t imagine the other Nokia models.

I’ve posted this problem on the Nokia WP forum (  I hope someone finds a solution to it soon – else, I’m just going to stick to Wordmobi.  Although the interface is unattractive, at least it works!

New WordPress Client for Symbian

i’ve been using Wordmobi to post to my blog for a few months now and the software’s pretty stable. the down side to it is that the interface is very simplistic and perhaps not as user friendly for people who do not understand html codes cos u need some knowledge of that in order to edit links and pictures posted.

i’m thus glad to share that there’s now another WordPress client available for Nokia phones! written with QT, the interface of the Nokia WordPress Client is very similar to the web version. not sure about how stable it is – typing my 1st post with it now – but it certainly looks promising. check it out / download it from

the 1 drawback i’ve noticed so far.. if u’re wondering i’m typing mainly in small caps, that’s cos the start of sentences are not capitalised by default and i’m too lazy to press an extra button each time i want to change the caps.