The food is tastier in the other cage

Bazhang has finally settled down & accepted Muah Chee as his friend. In fact, MC has inspired BZ to be more active now and he loves to play catch with her. MC’s favourite game, however, is hide & seek… she’ll dart past BZ and hide behind some pots so that he’ll sniff around to look for her. It’s really amusing watching them play.

Another thing i observed about these two naughty rabbits is that they seem to prefer to eat the other’s food. They’ll go into each other’s cages to eat the pellets and/or drink water! Guess this is the house rabbit version of “the grass is greener on the other side”.

My dad went on a trigger happy trip today. He took 55 photos of BZ & MC hopping about our garden. They were absolutely adorable… especially MC! She really looks like a toy rabbit in some of the pictures. Haha. My dad also printed out old photos of TY & BZ, taken when they were about 2 years old and hung them in my dining room.

Here’s some links to photos of TY, BZ and MC. Hope you find them cute too! 🙂