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Answer: 4th of July.  ‘Cos the battle to save the world always falls on the 4th of July.  Think Independence Day, think Transformers… So forget Friday the 13.  What’s the worst that could happen on Friday the 13?  U just get a visit from Jason.  At least it isn’t Armageddon right?

The Power of Association

I’ve never liked tabasco sauce before… always found it too sour and not spicy enough… till my trip to the Philippines when i gorged on fresh oysters drenched with tabasco sauce. Since then, i lurve the taste of tabasco sauce… and i believe it’s ‘cos it reminds me of the wonderful oysters i had in […]


  Incident 1 Iceman and i were having dinner and exploring our new hps when his hp lighted up and a “pring” sounded, indicating that he received an sms.  While he was replying the message, my hp lighted up and a “trchooo” rang, indicating that i got an sms too.  I looked at Iceman and […]

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

The tune pales in comparison with my fave NDP song, “Home”, but i think Kit Chan sings this song so brillantly that it still brings a tear to the eye.  Her voice is so rich with emotion and expressive.  Love it!      Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Ye I’ve walked the streets of Cairo […]

I’ve been haunted by the wonderfully yummylicious oysters i had in Manila since i got back to Singapore.  Asked & surfed around for recommendations on where to find the best fresh oysters in Singapore and i came up with this list:   The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore – Sunday Champagne Brunch Where: Greenhouse (tel: 6434 5288 […]

Things in the Attic

Things in the attic, Better left untouched. Can’t bear to throw away, Can’t bear to see them much.

Sick Again

Argh.  Looks like i pushed myself too hard again last week.  Lack of rest capped with tennis yesterday has done me in.  Am sick.  Sniffing, sore throat, and feverish.  🙁  Not sure if i’m going to take MC tomorrow… or rather later today… sigh.  Just wrote a letter to myself… to be sent 1 year from […]

Happy Days Return

I heard some happy news on Friday.  The new girl in my office has resigned!  Yippee!  She’s been with my company for only 3 weeks but is now taking up an offer by DBS.  Guess she saw Eon as a jumping stone to banking.  Looks like my boss is going to have a headache hiring […]

Special Ingredient 2

Iceman told me yesterday that Ferrari found some “unknown substance” in the fuel of their cars at the Monaco leg of this season’s F1 race.  I told Iceman.  Simi unknown substance.  It’s soya sauce lah.  The angmohs don’t know what’s soya sauce mah.  Hehehe.  😛

Special Ingredient 1

Went to canteen with my colleagues last Wed.  After a couple of drinks, some of us felt kinda hungry so we went to this bak kut teh place at Boat Quay for dinner.  I love that place ‘cos the soup’s really good… can’t remember the name of the shop…. it’s the one next to some […]

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