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the ability to empathise

dear friends, did you all read the article about my poor korean compatriots being put on a diet?  i feel their pain man, i feel their pain. ————————————- Title: Tubby SKorea zoo animals put on diet 27 Aug 2007 1628 hrs (GMT + 8hrs) SEOUL – After almost a decade of the good life, tubby […]

Freaking Broke

Stupid new kid on the block.  Got cornered by Big Mac to give a dinner treat.  She paid for a $300+ dinner… and so after dinner, Big Mac asked me for a treat too.   Said it was way overdue.  Well, not that i mean to be stingy… but i AM very broke at the end […]

My company’s HR sent a circular today saying that they needed all staff to verify their personal particulars on file with the company. A form was then sent to each of us to check our personal details, emergency contact no., and there was a new section that asked for information on our immediate family members. […]

My Own Mother…

I want to complain abt my mother. She “sabo-ed” me this morning. While waiting for the train, she asked me if there were still white spots on the back of her black blouse. So i looked and replied, “yes”. She then started like brushing the white specks away… but she obviously couldn’t see the back […]

Shades of Truth

I’ve been avidly following the TVB drama “Shades of Truth” (水浒无间道) on Channel U the past 2 weeks.  (Thank God for DVD players that can record onto DVD-RWs!  Woohoo!).  It’s an excellent show.  The premise is that Wu Song (played by Julian Cheung) and Lin Chong (Wong Hei) have reincarnated into this lifetime and Wu […]

Why do I get all the Weirdos?

I installed Skype recently (yes, yes, very laggard i know) though i haven’t really used it for any overseas calls.  Did a couple of test calls with Iceman but that’s about it.  MSN is still my preferred mode of communication with friends who are overseas… About 2 weeks after i installed Skype (i got my […]

CHIJ Katong Convent

After reading the comment posted by IJgirl, i decided to do a search online to see if i could find anything about CHIJ Opera Estate.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any new information on the history of the school.  There was a link, however, to CHIJ Katong Convent on Wikipedia and so i went to read up […]

Just downloaded the FLV Player ‘cos i wanted to save the music videos of the movie 881 from youtube to my laptop and there was this bonus programme that came long with the package – the Freecorder Toolbar.  The Freecorder Toolbar allows u to capture songs from your browser in mp3 format.  Fantastic tool i […]

Hong Kong

Someone sent me this really really cool website that shows a pic of HK in the day and at night.  Really cool. Can’t wait for my HK trip in Sep!!  Woohoo!


Azure bought a Phiten necklace recently.  In short, Phiten purports to use titanium to stabilise our body’s bioelectric current, thus helping muscles relax and improving blood circulation.  The end result is greater mobility and temporary relieve of pain caused by bursitis, sciatica, tendonitis, certain types of arthritis, etc. All the sites that sell this product […]

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