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I thought this was a cute “maintenance” notice.

COE obtained!

Our Kia is on the way…

Damned Either Way

It’s ironic how when Singapore gained independence from the British and was subsequently kicked out of Malaysia, naysayers said we were doomed to fail because we were such a tiny country. Now that we’re successful, people say that success was only possible cos we’re so small – as if hard work and good governance don’t […]

Had my department Chinese New Year dinner just now. Was seated next to our Chief Operating Officer. During the dinner, the conversation somehow steered to the pressure cooker education system in Singapore. My COO who’s from Holland was very against it. He said that children should not be straddled with stressful exams. One of the […]

Windows Phone 7 Series

Have you seen the latest Windows OS for phones yet?  The Win Phone 7 looks good and perhaps my next phone might be a Windows OS one… except that I still can’t wrap my mind around typing on a tiny qwerty keyboard & not having user profiles.  Heh.  Perhaps one day…

Happy Chinese New Year!!

My stomach’s been working overtime since last Friday.  Sneezing non-stop the last hour… think it’s due to lack of rest, though Iceman says it’s the “going back to work after a long holiday” syndrome.  Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

Twitter Buzz

Despite the buzz surrounding Google’s latest product, the Google Buzz, I think I’m sticking to Twitter for now.  Here’s why: Well established communities based on interest groups – I follow Mashable, Nokia Conversation, Engadget Mobile, All About Symbian and a couple of other tech related lists and it’s a must every morning to read up […]

Royce Chocolate Potato Chips Upsize bought this from Manila (I think) and they’re really yummy!  The white package is white chocolate and the other is dark chocolate (really quite bitter).  Love the white chocolate potato chips.  Yums! Wonder if they’re sold in Singapore…

Stand on the Left!

SMRT shld put back the stickers telling people to stand on the left half of escalators so others can walk up/down the right half! So many morons around who no longer respect this and too many tourists who aren’t aware. Grr.. Posted by Wordmobi

Random Photos – Jan 2010

Here’re some random photos I took in Jan 2010. My wedding band and engagement ring.  I was testing the macro mode of the Nokia X6’s camera and I must say I was impressed!   There’s this Ipoh Hor Fun place at Maxwell Chambers.  I can’t remember the name now – the business card’s in office […]

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