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(I promise this is the last post b4 i go zzz).Those of u on MSN would probably have seen the above statement already. Sigh… for those who still don’t know, the LTA gave me my very own photoshoot as my car sped past a red light at the junction of Simei Road & Upp Changi […]

Christmas Presents

Got quite a few presents this Christmas… heh… My very own bunny bedroom slippers (they’re real soft & spongy u know!), a bangle with my name on it, and a bunny Swatch watch i’ve been eyeing for a year now … all courtesy of my dearest Clown! 😛 And a lovely white gold anklet with […]

Merry Christmas with Love

Can’t believe Christmas is here & almost gone again. Shucks… that means 1 whole year has passed and i’m still pretty much where i was last year. Last Christmas i broke up with my now ex-bf but still survived the season. Wasn’t sad for reasons already mentioned but checking back on what i wrote last […]

“Mr. Nice Guy”

There was an appeal recently for me to amend this post. Hence, i shall do it 93.3 style… Recently, my bf’s boss changed his hardy continental car for a Japanese sports car. Wow. So stylish & sleek. Makes everyone who sees this wonderful machine of his so envious. Unfortunately,this beautiful sports car was not up […]

Mayday Mayday!

“Mayday” is a signal word for aircraft/ships in distress and indeed i wanted to cry out for help when i was at the Mayday concert last Saturday. The first 2 hours of the concert was soooo darn boring!! I really have no idea what’s wrong with Ah Xin, the lead singer ‘cos he was soooo […]

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