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Photos Photos

Was transferring some of the photos i took recently from my hp to my laptop and decided to post some of the latest things that caught my eye here.     This is the view from a window in my office.  It would’ve been clearer if the windows were cleaner!  Sigh.  Funny thing is, i […]

Please Do-Nut Touch

Azure was in Bangkok for work the past 3 days and she very kindly, braving unknown dangers at the customs and immigration, snuck a bunny back for me.  Her ingenuity at disguising and hiding the illegal immigrant bunny is amazing.  Check it out man!  No wonder those silly folks at immigration couldn’t find it!   […]

LS Queen

Stomach not doing well again.  Argh.

alpha female

it’s 3:59am as i start on this post.  am trying to cool down before i go to bed.  my house just experienced a major blackout.  and when i say major, i really mean major.  major enough that flipping all the switches in the fuse box to the “off” position, then switching the main fuse back […]

IPTV bliss!

been thinking very long and very hard about posting about my free IPTV lobangs ‘cos i don’t want all the legal eagles to swoop down on these free streaming providers and end my Internet TV bliss. but there’re some things that’re sooo good that i guess i should share!  (plus the more people viewing, the […]

horrendous night!

gosh!  it’s a horrible horrible Sun night!!!  some moron (suspect Indian or Banglah) mistakenly diverted his hp to MINE and i started getting tons of calls from his Indian friends from 10:30 to 11:30pm!!  i tried telling them (kept getting calls from the same 4 nos.) that they got the wrong no. but they didn’t understand.  i […]

The N98 Hoax

Sigh.  It was a hoax.  Iceman sent me this link with this fantastic new phone – the upcoming “N98”.  The specs just sounded too good to be true… and i found it strange why Nokia would launch a new concept phone in France… i mean.. Nokia’s from Finland right?  And it’s not as though the […]

Games Alliance

hi everyone!! an old old friend of mine has a shop at Suntec selling PSP, PS3, and Nintendo Wii and games for them. very trustworthy chap, so u don’t have to be worried about being sold dud sets/games. check out his shop ok?   GAMES ALLIANCE Suntec City Mall #03-083 Tel: 6884 5768

If It Happens

Was catching up on all my blog readings today (last time i checked all my fave blogs was end of Aug!  Before my HK trip!) when i came across a link to Sumiko Tan’s article about how a woman needs a man.  I like what she said at the end – “So, yes, the life […]

Booze Queen has Solved the Mystery

When Iceman were in HK, we saw this starlet (i think) holding some mini concert at Times Square.  Took a few photos ‘cos we were there during the setup of the concert… before the fans (i guess there were a couple of them) came.  I say i guess there were a couple of them ‘cos […]

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