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Indoor Shoot Album

View Full Album As usual… for those on my MSN contact list… In conclusion: 1. I conclude that if a person’s style is slanted towards the “Taiwanese” cheena way, it’s next to impossible to change it… 2. I’m overall happy with the hairdos of the indoor shoot… though they’re leaning towards the cheena side, I’m […]

Indoor Photoshoot

Didn’t get to do the outdoor shoot today because of the rain.  *Sniff*.  Will be going for the outdoor shoot next Tue… and will need to top up $100.  Anyway, the MUA from French Bridal, Jinyan, does makeup very well… but… her way of doing hairdos… aiyoh… damn cheena.  Whatever you see here… trust me… […]

Eve of Photoshoot

Did my nails today at Booze Queen’s usual manicure place, Fave Nails.  Am pretty satisfied with them.  Did nail art for fingers and a traditional French pedicure for my feet. Also went to French Bridal to do the final fitting for my evening gown.  Do you think I should get more beading / lace sewn […]

28 Apr Weather

That’s the NEA weather forecast for the next 3 days.  I really really pray that the afternoon will be cool ‘cos of the morning rain and not too sunny so we can open our eyes when we take photos!

Photoshoot Gown Album

Here’s for people on my MSN contact list… a close up of all gowns. View Full Album *Dilemma*

Photoshoot Gown Dilemma

Just went to select gowns for the photoshoot.  I’ll have 5 outfits in total – actual day white gown, actual day evening gown, actual day kwa, photoshoot evening gown and photoshoot outdoor gown.  Here’s a sneak peek:   Front & back of actual day white gown.   Front and back of outdoor gown for photoshoot. […]

I’m decided

I’ve decided not to use the French Bridal MUA for day 1 of the wedding.  In my obsession with my makeup and new blog feature, I forgot to mention that the French Bridal MUA said something that I was not too happy about.  While doing the slipshod trial makeup for me, she casually mentioned that […]

Trial Makeup 2

View Full Album Had a trial makeup with my usual hair stylist today.  I like her style a lot more… and the fact that she didn’t do a heavy eyeliner on my lower lid.  Now I’m torn… should I save $$ and stick to French Bridal’s MUA for the actual day morning makeup?  Or should […]

Time of Day

The bunnies felt that they had enough of my cam-whoring and that they deserved more air time on the blog so here’re more photos of the cuties!   Pinky feeling bored on a Sat afternoon.     Horlicks was bored too.  There wasn’t much to do on a Sat.     Horlicks wanted to come […]

Noticed this new feature on the latest Windows Live Writer 2009 but didn’t test it till now.  When I select multiple photos and paste them into my blog post, Live Writer prompts whether I want to paste the photos directly, or automatically create an album in my Windows Live photos gallery and add a link […]

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