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Gosh!  June has gone by in a flash.  Was probably one of the busiest month at work and the 2-week trip to the US meant I was extra busy before (to clear as much work as I could before I went on leave) and even busier after (as I sought to go through 1000 unread […]

Two Blur Guys

Tried out Two Blur Guys for lunch yesterday.  The restaurant itself is rather small – think it seats only 15 people or so.  The 2 waitresses holding the fort were relatively efficiently I guess.  I had the smoked salmon & avocado blurger.  Prety good!  The blurger comes with salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (very good, […]


I guess everyone’s really excited (or not) about Jia Jia & Kai Kai coming to Singapore to breed for 10 years. Foreign talent, they say. Anyway, I had lunch with clients at Sichuan Douhua (UOB Plaza) on Fri and guess what the restaurant gave for complimentary dessert?  Yeap, you guessed it – little pandas!  There […]

Can’t believe it took me till 3Q 2012 to go HK!  So glad I went.  Love the food & the shopping!  Realised Esprit’s pricing in Singapore is really expensive.  If you see the price tag, it lists the item’s price in HKD & SGD (among other currencies).  The thing is, even though the exchange rate […]

Damotory Korean Wine House

Went to Damatory to celebrate a friend’s birthday last month.  The food’s pretty good & they have a wide range of Korean alcohol (beer, various types of makkoli, soju, apple cider wine, etc). Here’re the pics of the more memorable dishes (truth is, the rest of the food was gobbled down before I could take […]


I realise people who take photos fall into 2 broad categories.  There are those who take artistic photos and there are those who take photos to document the moment.  I definitely don’t fit into the former as I don’t have an artistic eye.  Furthermore, although there are many apps that can edit photos & add […]

We did a day trip to Otaru.  Really beautiful little town.  Reminds me of those towns you see on Christmas cards.  Absolutely lovely! One of the shopping alleys in Otaru. Winter… one of the rare times Winnie is fully clothed… Some eatery in Otaru. Otaru Canal by day. Chef cooking our tempura lunch! I love […]

Photos from Shibuya & Shinjuku… more eating & shopping! I’ve forgotten the name of this restaurant but they specialised in omu rice. The food was good! Loved the salad starter too! Various types of omu rice & baked rice. Yummy… The famous 4-way crossing at Shibuya My first meal coupon meal! Tokyo is really pretty […]

Meiji Shrine & Harajuku… the Japanese love to dress up… whether it’s the traditional way… or in an outlandish manner! (Captions found below pics) Entrance to Meiji Shrine Lots of kids in traditional garb. Love the detail on their gowns! Ok.. so some kids were cuter than others… Obasans in kimonos Saw a ceremonial dance. […]

Japan, Nov 2010 (Part 4)

The great thing about Tokyo is that there are so many facets to it.  There’s the vibrant city life with all the lights & shopping, and laidback neighbourhoods like Daikayama where there’s this really delicious waffles place, and Canal Cafe, the most scenic cafe I’ve been to ever! (Captions are for the photos above) Daikanyama’s […]

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