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So while queuing at Golden Shoe to buy my ice blended kopi, there was this male customer in front of me who asked the old auntie at the stall, “What type of your coffee beans do you use?  Is it Arabica?” The poor old lady looked totally stunned.  “Simi Arabica?”, she must be thinking.  Despite […]

Facebook Like

I posted on Facebook the other day that the iron was left switched on at maximum for 3 day and it was a huge waste of electricity. A friend commented lucky didn’t catch fire, which i totally agree. There were also jokes made about how this is not the way to become Ironman, which i […]

Two Blur Guys

Tried out Two Blur Guys for lunch yesterday.  The restaurant itself is rather small – think it seats only 15 people or so.  The 2 waitresses holding the fort were relatively efficiently I guess.  I had the smoked salmon & avocado blurger.  Prety good!  The blurger comes with salad with balsamic vinegar dressing (very good, […]


I guess everyone’s really excited (or not) about Jia Jia & Kai Kai coming to Singapore to breed for 10 years. Foreign talent, they say. Anyway, I had lunch with clients at Sichuan Douhua (UOB Plaza) on Fri and guess what the restaurant gave for complimentary dessert?  Yeap, you guessed it – little pandas!  There […]

Wake Me Up When September Comes

Pinky is absolutely adorable.  When he’s searching for food to eat, he really makes sure he sniffs every spot on the table.  Yeap.  No denying him any pellets man!!

Can’t believe it took me till 3Q 2012 to go HK!  So glad I went.  Love the food & the shopping!  Realised Esprit’s pricing in Singapore is really expensive.  If you see the price tag, it lists the item’s price in HKD & SGD (among other currencies).  The thing is, even though the exchange rate […]

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