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Garmin Lily

I bought the Garmin Lily! Sort of an impulse buy… I was just looking at my Fitbit Versa 3 on my wrist over the past week and suddenly felt very very sick of the design. I’ve had it for the past 2 years… and the Versa 2 before it… which looks almost identical. I suddenly […]

Stupid Android Bug

I had this really strange issue with my Samsung S10 Plus for months. The apps simply wouldn’t update; as in they either would not download completely or the download would not start at all. I tried all the suggested solutions online such as clearing data and cache for Google Play, download manager, etc. I even […]

The Tinder Experiment

Been hearing a good friend, a colleague and 2 underwriters talk about Tinder so I decided see for myself, what’s the deal about it. After 24h on Tinder, I can confirm that: 1. There are more men than women (I ran out of women to look at!) 2. Women have better profile pics. 3. People […]


Was introduced to a new messaging app today called Telegram. Interface wise it looks almost identical to Whatapp but there’re 5 really cool things I like about it: 1) There’s this “secret chat” function where the msgs aren’t saved on Telegram’s server & they are encrypted. 2) There’s this “self-destruct” feature that you can set […]

Battery Life

Unplugged my Galaxy Note 3 from the charger at about 8am this morning. As with any new phone, I subjected it to quite heavy usage throughout today. I played Pet Saga, checked multiple social media platforms, used  Gtalk (or more commonly known as Hangouts now), Whatsapp-ed, FB messenger, took a few calls & so on […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

Hello from the Galaxy Note 3! Was hooked after watching videos of the S-Pen in action. Went to SingTel today & found out that one of my mobile lines was eligible for an upgrade so I decided to “take the plunge” after playing with the phone for about 15mins at the shop. I really need […]

Microsoft Surface RT Review

Came across this trial user programme Microsoft was running for their Surface RT devices so I registered for it and was fortunate enough to be selected. Before getting my hands on the device, I tried to do some online research about the Surface, what are the apps available, etc.  Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be […]

Windows 7 Log-in Failure!

Wanted to use my laptop to check my credit card statements and Windows wouldn’t load after I keyed in the password!  Tried a few times, rebooted, used face recognition to log-in but everything failed!  The error message was: User Profile Service Failed The Login Yikes!  No idea what that was.  Win 7 has been pretty […]

Camera Snob

I’ve turned into a handphone camera snob but can you blame me?  How do you deny the quality of photos take with the Nokia 808? The above pic of the Marina Bay Sands was taken at Level 33, MBFC using the Creative Mode, superfine picture quality, 8MP, +3 exposure setting. Cropped in on this 2nd […]

Read with disappointment that Nokia has kicked out some developers from their Nokia Developer Champion programme just because they (so far) only developed for Symbian. I wonder if Nokia realise that some of these developers never needed to develop for other platforms because the earnings from the Symbian apps they wrote were enough for their […]

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